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How the human brain works is actually quite controversial

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Keep that in mind when AI boosters claim that their product will function like a human brain:

A group of Swedish and Italian researchers recently found that most parts of the brain are involved in processing signals arising from touch. Thus they determined that the brain does not operate like a set of switches, as we used to think:

“We immediately realised that our findings deviated strongly from the accepted view that different parts of the brain are responsible for different specific functions,” says Henrik Jörntell, one of the researchers behind the study…

“According to a prevailing view of the brain, known as functional localisation, the brain works like a set of switches: different parts of the brain are responsible for different functions. This theory is certainly easy to comprehend, but when we measure the activity levels in individual neurons, we get a different picture, which indicates that functions are in fact processed more globally by the whole brain,” says Henrik Jörntell. “The Human Brain: Even Basic Facts Are Hotly Contested” at Mind Matters News

The story goes on to talk about the major current squabble as to whether neurons do or do not regenerate in adults. It turns out, we don’t even know that for sure.

Either way, many, many splintered lecterns will need recycling.

If the AI boosters really knew how the human brain functions, they’d be getting the Nobel for Medicine instead of some geek prize.

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