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Huge structures found from 7000 years ago in Arabia


Over a thousand of them:

Made from piled-up blocks of sandstone, some of which weighed more than 500 kilograms, mustatils ranged from 20 metres to more than 600 metres in length, but their walls stood only 1.2 metres high. “It’s not designed to keep anything in, but to demarcate the space that is clearly an area that needs to be isolated,” says Thomas.

In a typical mustatil, long walls surround a central courtyard, with a distinctive rubble platform, or “head”, at one end and entryways at the opposite end. Some entrances were blocked by stones, suggesting they could have been decommissioned after use.

Excavations at one mustatil showed that the centre of the head contained a chamber within which there were fragments of cattle horns and skulls. The cattle fragments may have been presented as offerings, suggesting mustatils may have been used for rituals.

Ibrahim Sawal, “Arabian cult may have built 1000 monuments older than Stonehenge” at New Scientist

Safe bet: There will be plenty of psychoanalysis of the builders in years to come. The paper is open access.

How does it compare with Gobekli Tepe?Well, that was ten thousand years ago.

The past gets thicker all the time as the dumb caveman recedes …

Let's not forget Osti. When they finally found a cave man dressed in furs, they were TAILORED. KF kairosfocus
scientists know that religion is primitive
How would you call a scientist that knows nothing about how appeared simplest life on Earth? Answer: a primitive scientist. Sandy
Polistra, archaeology is infamous for categorizing puzzling artifacts as "cult objects" or "religious structures." Good point, BobRyan! -Q Querius
People see what they want to see. It was nothing more than nature at work, since chaos creates order all the time. Laws of physics, like energy, randomly came about by chance. Never mind that energy can't be created by nature. Never mind that their were signs of people building ancient things. They weren't smart enough to do it. It must have happened randomly, just like energy. It is fascinating that people see a structure and know it was built by people in the past, since structures do not build themselves. Chaos does not create order. Yet, when it comes to the laws and math that govern the universe, they cannot see the same requirement. BobRyan
The assumption that the structures were religious is odd and unnecessary. They look like cattle pens, with the slaughterhouse at the 'head'. Or market squares, with a wall to protect the storekeepers from thieves. Primitive structures MUST have been religious and superstitious because scientists know that religion is primitive. Ancient people couldn't possibly build things for plain commercial purposes. polistra

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