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Human Zoos documentary now free on YouTube


It’s won a fair number of awards:

It’s a sordid chapter in American history many scientists would rather not talk about. Thousands of indigenous people from Africa and elsewhere were put on public display in 20th-century America, often touted by scientists as evolutionary “missing links” between humans and apes.

Perhaps the most shocking display of all was the exhibition of an African man, Ota Benga, in a cage in the Monkey House at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The scandalous story is exposed in Human Zoos, an award-winning documentary from Discovery Institute being given its YouTube premiere this week as part of African-American History Month. Human Zoos also explores the history of eugenics, the crusade by scientists and doctors to breed a “better” human race by applying the principles of Darwinian evolution. “YouTube Premiere of Award-Winning Film Exposes Human Zoos, Scientific Racism” at Evolution News and Science Today:

Well, in any truly Darwinian scheme, someone has to be the subhuman and you can be sure as heck it wouldn’t be any of those guys themselves.

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