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ID-friendly Michele Bachman doesn’t do badly in key debate

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According to CBS News

Bachmann also did quite well for herself Saturday night, and sought to go after both Gingrich and Romney by calling them “Newt Romney” in a sustained attack for what she called their similarities (Gingrich and Romney both took issue with the characterization). It may be too late for the Minnesota lawmaker. She has essentially bet her entire campaign on winning Iowa, but she has struggled to get out of the lower tier in opinion polls and Gingrich’s surge makes it even harder for her to be a top-tier candidate. Saturday was the first debate since businessman Herman Cain dropped out of the race, and Bachmann sought to woo his former supporters but it appeared a bit too transparent and insincere. Not to mention that most of Cain’s supporters have already moved on, many even before his officially ended his bid last week.

She might make veep.

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"She might make veep." From your lips to God's ears! dmullenix

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