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ID in India



Hooray for the spirit of intellectual integrity that keeps a man restless until finds satisfactory answers to his questions. Like everyone else, Dr. Raj Baldev was taught that Darwinian evolution was assuredly settled fact. Some of Darwin's ideas made sense but some did not. He developed a research team and began to try to answer the questions for himself. The more he learned, the less sense Darwinism made. Nor did the Big Bang theory make great sense to him and so he researched that, too. Thank heavens for people who are willing to say, "I think I'll check this out for myself." This article was first published in 1992 before ID had become as widely known as it is today. But many of his conclusions are expressed in ways that sound similar yet uniquely different to the concepts of ID. This leads me to believe these are truly his own ideas. The article was originally titled: “Scientists carry serious discrepancies in Big Bang and Evolution theories." The publishers of the International Reporter reprinted the article 2/2/2006 (TOMORROW, as I write because of time zones). They explain that "A new caption is given to this article keeping in mind the interest of the proponents of the Intelligent Design." Red Reader
Renier: You don't seem to have quite the right spirit for our little community here. Go in peace, but go. William Dembski
Where to start... so many errors, no evidence, fallacies galore... Never mind. You ID lot take this article as gospel and run with it. Make this "dr" a fellow at the DI and get on with it. It is some of the biggest rubbish I have ever read. This place is a circus. Renier

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