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ID in Indonesia

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Check out the following links:


It is also interesting to note from one of the posts on the second link that one of the Indonesian Blogs equates ID with creationism and put Michael Behe on par with Duane Gish, etc. I would think that many Indonesian are not yet informed about ID. I also visited a muslim website couple of months back and discovere that it discussed ID but with references to people like Harun Yahya not to the likes of Dembski et all. By the way, yesterday I met with somebody at the church I regularly attend - a graduate of certain major university in Indonesia - who knows about ID and very much intrigued by the idea. Now, think about the implication if many people like that grow in number and happen to discover they share the same interest. JS
Rude wrote: The one site cites WmAD–or translates? The first one is a full translation and the second one partially translates Dr. Dembski's Paper "Reflections on Human Origins" with translation of two Dr. Dembski's paper attached on the posts JS
This is great! The one site cites WmAD--or translates? The other is a Christian site. Would be great to have the Muslims involved there too, as with Mustafa Akyol in Istanbul. Secularists, this is unstoppable! Rude

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