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ID-themed science fiction explores mind-matter collision

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ID-friendly philosopher Eric Holloway wrote ID As A Bridge Between Francis Bacon And Thomas Aquinas here, which garnered a lot of attention. But in science fiction, he turns his attention to the consequences of a materialist vs. a non-materialist interpretation of the human mind. For example, Part 4 of the TruMind series:

The old man could buy anything but youth. Until now, maybe…

Ned knew a secret about the teleporters. They did not work only on the physical plane. Scientists had discovered, through trial and error, that the human mind, whatever it consists of, did not always show up at the other end. Sometimes a completely intact body would arrive, but whatever had inhabited the body had left, never to return.

Through a very intricate and arcane operation that only one person in the world fully understood, this flaw had been fixed, allowing mind and body to be seamlessly teleported together. Ned spent many of his free evenings at home unraveling this mysterious process and he had discovered that he could swap minds and bodies. So, while the astronauts were teleporting around the universe, Ned had quietly swapped bodies with Elvira’s boyfriend.

The lights slowly began to brighten and Johann became aware of his surroundings again. The nervous turtle was standing a little too close to him. He said, “The movie is fictional but what if I told you that the technology is real?” More.

The earlier episodes:

Ghost in the Nuke: Weapons have no souls, thus greater power ensures our safety…? —a tale: Arctang’s grip tightened on the throttle. This was it. No going back. The Fortress loomed, gigantic towers gazing down on him, laser dots peppering his window.

The brain: Junkyard, watch, or antenna? A warped genius reviews the options, as he seeks ultimate power—a tale: After many dead ends, Flim realized that all forms of human power are ultimately controlled by the human mind. Thus, if he could harness the power of the mind, he would finally be able to create anything his heart could desire.


Neuroharvest – a tale. TruMind engineers had discovered a new science: editing the very fabric of reality

Check this out: https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1194067/brain-medical-breakthrough-science-news-organoid-human-brain-function PavelU
Sounds interesting. I will have to download it to my Kindle. Ed George
Just reading 'materialist neuroscience', especially so early in the piece - the first two words of News' subheading - made me double up ! It's set me up for the day. Axel

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