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If there IS a ninth planet out there…


Not Pluto (it was downgraded in 2006). What do you want to bet that the Big Ninth will turn out to be an instance of fine-tuning?

Thus far, no one has been able to turn up direct evidence the so-called “Planet Nine” exists, but the new studies add weight to the hypothesis. Fred Adams from the University of Michigan believes that Planet Nine will be spotted within the next 10 to 15 years. In his latest study, Adams used computer models of the solar system’s evolution to simulate how Planet Nine might fit into our little corner of the universe.

According to Adams, the analysis suggests that Planet Nine is smaller and closer to the sun than previously thought.

Ryan Whitwam, “New Studies Support Existence of Massive 9th Planet” at ExtremeTech

Paper (open access) and paper (paywall). Note: A special issue of Physics Reports features The planet nine hypothesis. (paywall)

Fine-tuning is a massively true but very unpopular concept.

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