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If you get canceled, like paleontologist Gunter Bechly, where do you go?


Paleontologist Bechly’s vid explains:

German paleo-entomologist Günter Bechly was canceled by his employer, the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart where he was a curator. A distinguished scientist and brilliant writer, his crime was to give the scientific case for intelligent design a fair hearing. In 2015 he ended up going underground — and finding us here at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, where he is now a Senior Fellow, and at Evolution News, where he is a contributing writer and where I have the privilege of being the editor. Dr. Bechly recently penned a blockbuster 14-part series debunking Kimberella as a solution to the Cambrian Explosion. In case you missed it, it is a monumental, and morally important, piece of scholarship. The Cambrian event, a massive saltation, remains an unsolvable mystery for Darwinists, with all that implies about the evidence for purpose and design.

David Klinghoffer, “Günter Bechly: Welcome to the Underground” at Evolution News and Science Today:

Actually, these days, we all mainly need a place to stay sane and keep thinking while Cancel Culture rages on. Anyway, here’s Bechly:

It was actually rather grim, as he has said elsewhere, as colleagues just stopped interacting with him. Being Darwinists must have been more important than being humans.

By the way that blockbuster series on Kimberella is here.

But wait! Isn’t the entire Cambrian Explosion going to be cancelled soon?

See: At Geological Society of America’s house rag: QUIT calling it the Cambrian Explosion! Sorry, guys. The Cambrian is a bit like quantum theory. Anyone who ISN’T flummoxed by it doesn’t understand it. Now comes the punch line: “We suggest, as an alternative to “Cambrian explosion,” the Great Cambrian Biodiversification (GCB)…” Sure, that’ll catch on. It sounds like a large animal vet’s description of an elephant’s bowel problems.

Evolution isn't science, its a religion. Peter
By the way that blockbuster series on Kimberella is here.
I took some time to read the entire series. In the end, I found it powerful, deep and ultimately tragically sad. Here's a man, Gunter Bechly, who has mastered this field and provided a scholarly, unique and irrefutable analysis of this critical point of departure for any evolutionary study. But tragic, because the forces that expelled him in professional life, will ignore what he has to say today. They do not want to follow the evidence. Silver Asiatic
If our Isms were really ideologies, consistent packages of ideas, this sort of rejection would make some sense. A discipline or a trade or a church needs and creates a consistent body of skills and ideas. But today's Isms are nothing more than brand names and team shirts. The beliefs of DarwinISTs have little connection with Darwin's ideas. DarwinISTS don't even acknowledge that genes exist. The CrimeThink of most dissidents is attempting to treat genes and chromosomes as real. DarwinISTS claim that genotypes can be changed merely by a verbal statement (IDENTIFIES AS). Lamarck and Lysenko never went that far. polistra

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