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If you need a benevolent god, look no further than Netflix

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No sermons, no tithing, but…

Adam Nieri: AI can even heal miraculously, but there is a price to be paid:

In the first episode of Travelers season 3, we glimpse the show’s more philosophical perception of AI in the future. While waiting to give the order to take down MacLaren and his team, the director of the FBI (who knows about the travelers) listens to a story told by agent Joanne Yates (who will become more important later in the season). The Director (from the future) had been in contact with Yates. Speaking through her dying mother, the Director had relayed a message intended for the FBI director: “…tell him, the bargain he made that autumn morning was not with his god, but with me”. The Director is referring to a moment in which the director of the FBI was moments away from losing his only daughter to cancer. As he prepared for the worst, the Director spoke through the dying daughter and made a deal, “I will save her life, but there will come a day of reckoning.” And, just like that, her cancer was gone and she was healed. Adam Nieri, ““Travelers” Portrays AI As A Benevolent God” at Mind Matters

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2 Replies to “If you need a benevolent god, look no further than Netflix

  1. 1
    Seversky says:

    Grandfather paradox? I haven’t watched the show yet but I’m betting they ignore it.

  2. 2
    ET says:

    What? I watched that series and the AI is portrayed as something that will manipulate people to reach it’s own misguided goals, like preventing climate change. It wanted to change the past, and being from the future new the events to manipulate.

    However, in trying to change the past so they can avoid the catastrophic future, the people from the future revolted because they didn’t like the way the AI was ruling them. So they sabotaged it, thus sealing their fate. Except for an escape reset, which itself alters one reality.

    The point is the AI was far from a benevolent god. It was trying to figure out how to avoid the future it found itself in by changing events in the past. Except the things they changed that allegedly led to our downfall just changed headlines and not the outcome.

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