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Imagine a universe where Einstein could be wrong, …

Tony Katz

And fanaticism isn’t one of the listed virtues:

In “Two Alberts Can Be Wrong” (Townhall , September 30, 2011), commentator Tony Katz teases outsome of the popular culture implications of faster-than-light neutrinos.

Researchers were sending Neutrinos – sub-atomic particles – on a 730+km ride from Geneva to the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy. They noticed that the neutrinos were arriving ahead of schedule. It was only fractions of a second, but this is the world of physics! Every nano-second counts. This is Einstein’s world – Albert Einstein – who theorized over 100 years ago that nothing could travely faster than light in a vacuum: a speed of 186,282 miles per hour.

The implications are overwhelming, even to those of us who are not physicists, or thosw who had to double check to see if I spelled physicist properly. Einstein won the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the field of physics, though not for his Theory of Relativity. However, that is how we know him. All of us know him. We call smart kids “Einsteins.” There is a kids cartoon called “Little Einsteins.” He has, in American culture, been cannonized. And its possible that he is wrong!

Ain’t science great? Over 100 years of a theory, used as the basis for physicists all around the world, and – by chance! – a subatomic particle on its way to Italy can possibly prove him wrong. Possibly, because the scientific community is going to be studying this data for a long time.

Here, we still hold out hope that the faster-than-light neutrinos are an honest mistake. But the glory of real science is precisely that Einstein could be wrong. Has Darwin ever been wrong? Ever?

OT: Part 8 of 8; Casey Luskin's final article in his series dealing with Dennis Venema's unfounded claims; Critically Analyzing the Argument from Human/Chimpanzee Genetic Similarity - Casey Luskin - September 2011 http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/09/critically_analyzing_the_argum051321.html bornagain77
of note as to 'violating' the space-time constraints of Relativity:
Physicists describe method to observe timelike entanglement - January 2011 Excerpt: In "ordinary" quantum entanglement, two particles possess properties that are inherently (instantaneously) linked with each other, even though the particles may be spatially separated by a large distance. Now, physicists S. Jay Olson and Timothy C. Ralph from the University of Queensland have shown that it's possible to create entanglement between regions of spacetime that are separated in time but not in space, and then to convert the timelike entanglement into normal spacelike entanglement. They also discuss the possibility of using this timelike entanglement from the quantum vacuum for a process they call "teleportation in time." "To me, the exciting aspect of this result (that entanglement exists between the future and past) is that it is quite a general property of nature and opens the door to new creativity, since we know that entanglement can be viewed as a resource for quantum technology," Olson told PhysOrg.com. http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-01-physicists-method-timelike-entanglement.html
as to the implications of violating the space-time constraints of relativity, which seems to be what is bothering so many physicists so much about this 'unverified' faster than light neutrino, the implications of violating space-time have already been worked in quantum mechanics to a certain degree, since the actions of quantum mechanics blatantly defies the constraints of space-time
Time travel theory avoids grandfather paradox - July 2010 Excerpt: “In the new paper, the scientists explore a particular version of CTCs based on combining quantum teleportation with post-selection, resulting in a theory of post-selected CTCs (P-CTCs). ,,,The formalism of P-CTCs shows that such quantum time travel can be thought of as a kind of quantum tunneling backwards in time, which can take place even in the absence of a classical path from future to past,,, “P-CTCs might also allow time travel in spacetimes without general-relativistic closed timelike curves,” they conclude. “If nature somehow provides the nonlinear dynamics afforded by final-state projection, then it is possible for particles (and, in principle, people) to tunnel from the future to the past.” http://www.physorg.com/news198948917.html
further note:
Solving the quantum mysteries - John Gribbin Excerpt: As all physicists learn at university (and most promptly forget) the full version of the wave equation has two sets of solutions -- one corresponding to the familiar simple Schrödinger equation, and the other to a kind of mirror image Schrödinger equation describing the flow of negative energy into the past. http://www.lifesci.sussex.ac.uk/home/John_Gribbin/quantum.htm#Solving
As well, it should be pointed out that the Bible is a 'supernatural' book that has many verified prophecies in it that blatantly violate the space-time constraints of Relativity. Here is a particularly sobering one:
The Precisely Fulfilled Prophecy Of Israel Becoming A Nation In 1948 - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4041241 Bible Prophecy Fulfilled - Israel 1948 - article Excerpt: Although July 15, 537 B.C. can not be verified by outside sources as the exact day of Cyrus's proclamation, we do know that 537 B.C. was the year in which he made it. As such, we can know for certain that the Bible, in one of the most remarkable prophecies in history, accurately foresaw the year of Israel's restoration as an independent nation some two thousand five hundred years before the event occurred. http://ezinearticles.com/?Bible-Prophecy-Fulfilled---Israel-1948&id=449317
The preceding start date, used in the prophecy calculation, is confirmed by the archaeological record:
SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Excerpt "In late years several cuneiform tablets have been discovered pertaining to the fall of Babylon which peg both Biblical and secular historic dates. The one tablet known as the "Nabunaid Chronicle" gives the date for the fall of Babylon which specialists have ascertained as being October 12-13, 539 B.C., Julian Calendar, or October 6-7, 539 B.C., according to our present Gregorian Calendar. This tablet also says that Cyrus made his triumphant entry into Babylon 16 days after its fall to his army. Thus his accession year commenced in October, 539 B.C. However, in another cuneiform tablet called "Strassmaier, Cyrus No. 11" Cyrus’ first regnal year is mentioned and was determined to have begun March 17-18, 538 B.C., and to have concluded March 4-5, 537 B.C. It was in this first regnal year of Cyrus that he issued his decree to permit the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. (Ezra 1:1) The decree may have been made in late 538 B.C. or before March 4-5, 537 B.C. In either case this would have given sufficient time for the large party of 49,897 Jews to organize their expedition and to make their long four-month journey from Babylon to Jerusalem to get there by September 29-30, 537 B.C., the first of the seventh Jewish month, to build their altar to Jehovah as recorded at Ezra 3:1-3. Inasmuch as September 29-30, 537 B.C., officially ends the seventy years of desolation as recorded at 2 Chronicles 36:20, 21, so the beginning of the desolation of the land must have officially begun to be counted after September 21-22, 607 B.C., the first of the seventh Jewish month in 607 B.C., which is the beginning point for the counting of the 2,520 years." http://onlytruegod.org/jwstrs/537vs539.htm
All Things New ~ Steven Curtis Chapman (HD) 2004 (Lyrics) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7k2hzktKhc

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