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Information is not like matter or energy


<em>Coffee</em> Tins From reader Gutman Levitan:

I am a computer scientists and communications engineer with “unlikely” interests in nature of information and information in the nature. The interest stems basically from my research in applied AI. That was decades ago in the Soviet Union but only recently I was able to concentrate on the issues. More.

Gutman Levitan From his online publication, Information: Connecting Two Sides of Reality,

Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics [1] famously noted that information is information, not matter or energy. Really, the three are fundamentally different in their relationship to space. A material object cannot exist simultaneously at two or more distant places; it occupies a certain place in space and no two objects can occupy the same place at the same time. For energy this is different. For example, Wi-Fi radio waves that wirelessly carry information to your computer, printer and TV do not occupy space but rather share it with walls and other material objects in your home as well as Wi-Fi waves of your neighbors. For information, whereabouts of its source, path and destination are irrelevant, at least in the modern environment of mobile communications and cloud computing. More.

Note: I hope readers can see Dr. Levitan’s work and perhaps comment. I belong to LinkedIn, which houses it, but have never “got” LinkedIn—possibly because I am definitely not looking for more work to do. I haven’t answered 99% of anything I received from them, but please, if you wrote to me there, that’s not because I don’t care, okay? – O’Leary for News

See also: Data basic, my lay introduction to thinking about information, of which Dr. Levitan writes kindly. Comments welcome.

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Well, he wrote to us, so thanks for the evaluations! News
I think the information for our time and future is not listening to these old commies from the Soviet Union. They wasted, hurt, and demeaned mankind enough. Why support those who benefited the most from the evil empire. They have no information of value now or then. Robert Byers
FYI: it's not a scientific work, but a rambling theological essay. It's all over the map, and despite the headline, the conclusion is that the birth of human beings with souls capable of understanding complex information coincides with year 1 of the Jewish calendar, commentated as Rosh Hashanah (a different spin on creationism). rhampton7

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