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Intelligent Design at Baylor University: Chronicle of a Controversy


I have just made available on my designinference.com website the documents detailing the rise and fall Baylor’s now defunct Michael Polanyi Center (MPC). The MPC was the first ID think-tank connected to a major university and for about nine months was the focus of considerable media attention. The documents are of mixed quality, with a lot of chaff but also some gems (e.g., a letter by Antony Flew indicating his willingness to defend my academic freedom). There is also some material that has hitherto not been made public, including the original planning document for the MPC presented to the Baylor administration at their request. Also included for the first time is a memo and summary from May 2000 that underscores the troubles facing the MPC well before the public debacle in October of that year. Go here.

By the way, today I made a presentation at George Mason today on ID with a former Baylor tenured faculty member, Jobe Martin, who had his academic freedom similarly attacked for his stand against Darwinism decades ago. You've blown the whistle on something within a Christian college that needs to change. scordova
Thank you for sharing that with us, Bill. I hope the most recent news in Kansas and the developments on the college campuses are re-assuring your efforts have not been in vain. You've inspired us guys in the trenches. Anyway, it seems it all worked for the good, you got a nice 5 year paid sabbatical, and you are now more famous and will be remembered more than "whatever their names were" at Baylor! One thing that still amazes me, when the Michael Polanyi Center was up and running, how in the world were you able to get so many people to come to your conference? http://www.designinference.com/documents/2000.04.nature_of_nature.htm That was a public relations achievement of stellar proportions! The planning documents you wrote were very informative! scordova

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