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Intelligible Design?

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A 2013 book we must have missed (but it gets harder to keep up now, with so much news):

The main thesis of this book is that nature, from galaxies to elementary particles, is intelligible. This concept is explored by a team of physicists, engineers, and biologists as well as specialists in other branches of learning.

Their conclusions may be controversial but they are clearly very interesting and well-documented.

Of course, that last point is very important.

One less well-understood aspect of the promotion of the multiverse is that it renders the universe we live in less intelligible.

By the reliable formula of everything true, it makes nothing true.

See, for example, The multiverse: Where everything turns out to be true, except philosophy and religion, and But who needs reality-based thinking anyway? Not the new cosmologists.

Here’s a review from Evolution News & Views:

The book is a collection of philosophical, historical, mathematical, and scientific essays on design in nature. Many of the chapters are written by scientists from outside the United States, with Spain being especially well represented, who are friendly to intelligent design. However, not all of the chapters defend ID. Some of the authors critique ID, or claim it’s impossible to scientifically detect design in nature. But even the criticisms are thoughtful, making this volume a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of ID-related books.

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Somewhere Gerald Joyce and Jack Szostak just fell off their chairs. Nobody designs intelligently and credits Dirt like these guys DavidD
Um, do they use the standard definition of "intelligible": able to be understood by at least some human beings? I have to believe that there are things out there in space, or sitting in the corner of my living room, which I cannot sense or measure. So making a universal statement about the universe as seen by humans is always going to get you in trouble. On, the other hand, in a more modest way, humans can be taught (or become self-taught) how large chunks of reality work and why we think reality works that way. This does suffer from the problem that my black Lab undoubtedly understands the world in a much different way than I do, and I can never really appreciate his version of reality (which I suspect is highly dependent on the presence or absence of dog pee). But is the Universe so designed and constructed that it can be understood? Well, sure. A friend of mine suggested that one of the reasons for the existence of the Moon is to provide humans with a reason to look up at the heavens in Wonder. Staring at the Sun all day will just make you blind, but staring at the Moon all night for many nights as it subltely changes phase simply makes you THINK. mahuna

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