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Interact with your ID faves in the Trinity College webinars — but book soon!

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Registrations were pretty heavy for the first webinar, the one with John Lennox,(“Has Science Buried God?”). We are told there are numbers constraints even for online stuff.

So if you see something you like below, get your index finger moving around that Registration Link button! Here are your choices:

Dr. Stephen Meyer, “The Return of the God Hypothesis” at 7:30 pm EDT Mar 25: Registration Link

 Dr. Michael Behe, “The Case for Design in Biology” at 7:30 pm EDT Apr 8:
Registration Link

Dr. Jonathan Wells, “Exposing Zombie Science” at 7:30 EDT Apr 22: Registration Link

Hillary Morgan Ferrer, “How to Destroy a Culture” at 7:30 EDT Apr 29: Registration Link   

Here’s the Main Page.

“Has Science Buried God?”, with John Lennox, is now published so we can see it with the rest of YouTube.


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