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Interesting take on Ham on Nye debate: Commentator says it was all just about business for both

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Tea party advocate Michael Patrick Leahy here:

Though Tuesday night’s Bill Nye-Ken Ham show was billed as a debate between supporters of evolution and “creation as a model of origins,” it was in fact merely a media event designed to promote two commercial brands and one failing cable network: Bill Nye the “Science Guy,” Ken Ham’s Creation Museum, and CNN.

As the program opened, moderator Tom Foreman of CNN claimed Nye and Ham would debate this question:
“Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”

The two protagonists, however, were ill suited to present a full discussion of this question because they represent just two of the five major schools of thought on the issue. Only the two far extremes – atheistic evolution as argued by Nye, and “Young Earth Creationism” as argued by Ham – were represented. Supporters of three major schools of thought that would have vigorously argued in the affirmative – theistic evolution, intelligent design, and “Old Earth Creationism” – were not invited to participate.

Casey Luskin over at Evolution News & Views called it a huge, missed opportunity.

Doubtless. Both Leahy and Luskin are in general right but does anyone really believe that the shards of today’s legacy media would care about a debate about, say, the 600 million-year-old comb jellies that are making matchsticks of Darwin’s “tree of life”? That’s not remotely who those ambulance chasers are.

No, until the day they go under, it will all be “science” vs. “the Bible.” Next question?

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Also, from Leahy:

CNN may, however, have succeeded in achieving something it needs badly: getting a bump in its dismal ratings. After the “debate,” Nye and Ham appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live.

If the Nye-Ham media event generates better ratings for CNN, we may soon see Nye and Ham co-hosting Crossfire. Or perhaps Tuesday’s extravaganza was just a pilot episode of CNN’s new game show: Family Origins Feud.

Would it unseat Duck Dynasty at the top?

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What we didn't see nor hear during tat debate was positive evidence for materialism nor evolutionism. Joe
The structure of the debate format makes it difficult for people to change their view without losing face. It is a contest to see which side can win. Emotions rise, strong words are used, dogmatism takes over and calm, logical reasoning cannot function. Often both sides leave as they came—each side convinced that it is right. Barb
I understand they think 5 million have seen it and its headed to 10 or 20 million. How can you argue with success? CNN is a left wing rag but they did the right thing. the other networks should drop their censorship and accept God and Genesis are very popular opinions STILL. ID people have been getting big book sales dealing intimately with the evidence of nature and yEC is getting hugh numbers of regular people. Between the two the bad guys are getting smashed. I think the error of evolution ,or the error of criticism of it, are coming into a final shootout. Civilization will not much longer stand such a difference in conclusions all claiming to be upon mutual data. Somebody is wrong and its likely with all this attention the wrong crowd is going to hit the floor. Time has come today. Robert Byers
Science & Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies with Alvin Plantinga http://open.biola.edu/collections/science-religion-where-the-conflict-really-lies bornagain77
ooops is right.. posted in wrong thread. JGuy
Oop(s). 800,000yr old footprints: http://news.yahoo.com/scientists-800-000-old-footprints-uk-114052260.html JGuy
Thanks for posting this folks. Hey, Central Scrutinizer! Didn't I see you at Ricochet? jdavidmartin
It’s not a bad hypothesis as hypotheses go.
I agree. They are all selling something. Not one of them is to be trusted. Mapou
It's not a bad hypothesis as hypotheses go. CentralScrutinizer
Dear Mr. Leahy: Cynicism much? drc466

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