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In Foresight and Understanding (Indiana University Press, 1961), physicist and philosopher of science Stephen Toulmin rejected set “rules” for science. He argued that no single criterion (e.g., falsifiablity, prediction, etc.) encompasses the entire scientific endeavor. Toulmin advocated a Darwinian conception of science pursuant to which scientific theories succeed because they are better adapted at explaining the data than their rivals.

How deliciously ironic it would be if Darwinism were dethroned as the paradigm of origins through a Darwinian process.

AMEN. It has been, better adapted to data, concept that has lead to many conclusions in origin subjects. Its not been the data plus hypothesis plus testing etc equals conclusion as they try to say. Most origin conclusions have been accepted from the consent of people that the data is explained well. Not from the power, or prestige, of the scientific method but merely "peers' think it makes sense from the data they observe. So re interpretation of data easily overthrows origin conclusions without overthrowing scientific theory/method. evolution is not a theory but a acceptance of conclusions from data presumptions. BINGO why WRONGO is a option unlike in ideas on gravity. Which are based on science methodology. Robert Byers
Darwinism is the Theoria perennis that dares to explain the origin and evolution of species by means of natural selection and/or any other evolutionary mechanisms. However, all English words ending in -ism depicts an ideology, and ideology is not science. What do you have in mind here Barry? Theoria perennis or ideology??? Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Barry, One thing I'm curious of is this: How do you define "Darwinism"? I honestly think the answer to that question should be in a FAQ for this site, along with whether ID is compatible with Darwinism however it's defined. nullasalus

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