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Is belief in evolution “right-wing?”

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Yes, that sounds like clickbait but it is apparently a discussion at Twitter. For example, “Evolution only works due to hierarchy. Belief in hierarchy is the biggest predictor for being right wing”

Well, if you say so…

"Right wing" is whatever currently interferes with the left's will to power. EvilSnack
This is from the young right-wing. This is the alt-right or even atheistic right-wing. These are the guys who want to purify the culture of evil influences. Plus, a lot of them hate Christianity as if it is weak. They reject Christian-conservatives as being wimpy. Their religion might be Viking paganism, or just stoic atheism. So, they identify anti-evolution as a bad thing. Opposing evolution is what creationists do. But for the alt-right, evolution is cool. So, instead they say "Evolution really belongs to us. We're the ones that believe in hierarchy and order and that the purity of inherited traits will improve mankind." Forget the fact that like the majority of the population they know nothing about evolution except some stories they've been told. But grabbing the "credibility" of being an evolutionist is a means of gaining status in the culture wars. That's ugly. You want to show how intelligent you are by proclaiming your identification with a failed scientific speculation? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Silver Asiatic
The hierarchy/rightwing correlation was true in the French Parliament in 1789. No other time or place. Left and right wing lost all meaning a LONG time ago. Evolution and hierarchy? Doesn't begin to make sense from any angle. The typical evolutionist believes that everything is indistinguishable identical particles, which is the exact opposite of hierachy. polistra
Can anyone define “right wing” because it's a meaningless term. Left wing isn't. jerry

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