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Is Stephen Jay Gould now considered a… creationist?

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A friend chucked in this vid featuring “Professor Dave, science communicator,” no less:

“I’ve heard the name, but I can’t recall, exactly.”

Overheard in the Uncommon Descent News virtual coffee room: “It figures, eh? And I’m pretty sure that was Richard Dawkins I saw passing out free copies of Behe’s A Mousetrap for Darwin on the Toronto subway.”

3 Replies to “Is Stephen Jay Gould now considered a… creationist?

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    Silver Asiatic says:

    Ha ha – this is the guy who has been “debating” Dr. James Tour. A “science communicator” telling all the kids about the wonders of abiogenesis and evolution. Because he’s an expert. And so is his buddy there. Two science experts — well, they can’t be expected to know all of those obscure figures from ancient history. And those bizarre ideas that creationists came up with, like Punctuated Equilibrium.

  2. 2
    johnnyb says:

    I have trouble seeing how someone who doesn’t know who Stephen Jay Gould is should be qualified to talk about anything creation or evolution related. That’s almost like not knowing who Charles Darwin is, or, at minimum Watson and Crick.

  3. 3
    Silver Asiatic says:

    It’s also an indication of how insignificant Stephen Jay Gould is and how useless his theories really are when you have a guy like Dr. Dave defending evolution in the internet day-in and day-out and he doesn’t know who Gould is, and he also never heard of Punctuated Equilibrium.

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