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Is the rubber hand illusion really a fake?


Like a lot of other stories in social psychology?

Starting life as a party trick, this lecture-room favorite has been cited in over 5000 articles since. According to New Scientist in 2009, it was “hugely important in understanding how sight, touch and “proprioception” – the sense of body position – combine to create a convincing feeling of body ownership, one of the foundations of self-consciousness.” …

And now a pin in the balloon. “In a new research paper Dr Peter Lush, Research Fellow at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex, demonstrates that the control conditions typically used in the Rubber Hand Illusion do not do they job they need to do.” …

We should not be surprised if the “rubber hand” illusion must be strongly qualified in future. Like so many Psych 101 theories, it is just too pat, too static, to provide much insight into the dynamic reality of the human mind.

– Denyse O’Leary Mind Matters News

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