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Is there a “crisis” in cosmology or does it merely face “challenges”?

history of universe assuming cosmic inflation/Yinweichen

For the crisis, go here. For the “challenges,” see Anna Ijjas, Paul J. Steinhardt, and Abraham Loeb at Scientific American:

The latest astrophysical measurements, combined with theoretical problems, cast doubt on the long-cherished inflationary theory of the early cosmos and suggest we need new ideas. (paywall) More.

We remember when inflation was beyond dispute. It promised naturalists a multiverse. But science is now merely one expression of naturalism, so we can be sure that doubts about inflation will not cause doubts about the multiverse.

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The universe is not expanding at all yes we see 1 more LY out per year as distant starlight reaches us. yes there is 1 LY of 'leakage ' at the outer edge of the universe. the vast majority of scientists do not know what they are looking at. to someone that understands the science in max avail context, the universe looks exactly as old as it is, 5,777 years to date with overwhelming empirical evidence of an inflation epoch early in the history of the universe. SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis explains why distant starlight not only aligns w/ ID/YeC Torah timeline but falsifies all deep-time dependent scientific hypotheses like NDT and SCM. see RCCF why 5777 AM owns the mantle of science taken in max avail context. Pearlman

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