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John West of Discovery Institute Answers on Questions Re: Ball State Univeristy

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Today, Discovery Institute’s Dr. John West, provided a  helpful Q & A write-up on Evolution News and Views.  The article, entitled Clarifying the Issues at Ball State: Some Questions and Answers addresses the most salient points about the recent letter sent to Ball State’s President, Dr. Joanne Gora, which I wrote about here on UD yesterday.  Today’s article from Dr. West clarifies the issues and makes clear that the aim is to support academic freedom for all professors – both those who oppose ID and those who advocate it; both those who advocate atheism, and those who do not.  However, as Dr. West’s article also makes clear, if BSU opts to continue to enforce this new policy, then it must do so fairly and not show favoritism for certain viewpoints, while silencing others.  As things stand, there are several current courses that do, in fact, violate the new policy in the exact same way that Dr. Eric Hedin’s course did.  And there are courses that do, in fact, advocate for certain religious viewpoints, contrary to the new policy.  Therefore, Ball State must either conduct an investigation into these courses and professors equivalent to that conducted into Dr. Hedin’s class, or BSU can simply rescind the policy and assure academic freedom for all professors, regardless of their courses and personal positions.

Dr. West’s article today makes all this very clear.  I suggest those interested take some time to read it. Also, those so inclined are encouraged to send a message to the Ball State University Board of Trustees supporting the requests of the Discovery Institute.

Does anyone at UD know why the ID[T] in Humanities and Social Sciences summer seminar for students both opened and closed under John G. West's watch? Typical West rhetoric (he is trained in 'Government' after all):
"the extent of Ball State's ban on intelligent design"
Is it not true that 'intelligent design' is a THEORY? Yes. Yet, nowhere in West's letter is the term 'theory' mentioned. West thus tries to reify his IDism by avoiding the term 'theory.' Personally, I think a course on "The Boundaries of Science" is appropriate and that it must exceed simply 'scientific' presentation. West writes:
What BSU cannot do consistent with the Constitution is to define Honors 296 as a science course solely for Professor Hedin while treating it as an interdisciplinary course for all other faculty.
This case is probably as perfect as possible for West's limited skillset wrt 'science studies' and philosophy of science. But what is more significant is first, why the DI's summer program on ID in the humanities and social sciences collapsed after just 2 years and second, why it was replaced with a seminar on C.S. Lewis, much more obviously dedicated to Christian apologetics ... with a little bit of 'science in society' ala Disco-style added-in. I've never seen an IDist provide an answer to this, let alone a reasonable one. Gregory
It is good West has communicated with news outlets, I took the liberty and contacted Fox News and Christian post by email, with details on this matter. I personally think it is a news worthy story. equate65
This is a worthy thing in freedom of thought, inquiry after thruth, and authority behind censorship. These people want to get rid of this problem but rightly creationists /ID etc are not going away so easily. This could be a great moment in resistance to establishment control of ideas in higher education. Rip and tear into this most incompetent president's justification for denying full accredited and salaried scientists from teaching the trith in nature based on the evidence of nature. i think this is a grand blunder of ball state. This is every creationist dream to have a target and level all guns at the accusations and presumptions behind this modern state censorship agenda. Demand the whole "scientific community" to sit down and hear the facts! I think 995 of them have no idea of the merits of ID or its credibility as a scientific investigating by scientists. Its a grand fraud of this ball state prez. They are in the killing zone of truth being defended in the public eye. In fact its like a gift from this woman. Robert Byers

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