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John West on how Darwinism “has poisoned Western culture”


Here’s the podcast:

On a new episode of ID the Future, catch the first half of a talk that political scientist John West gave recently explaining how Darwinism has poisoned Western culture. Download the podcast or listen to it here. In the lecture, delivered at the 2020 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, West explores how Darwin’s purely materialistic theory of evolution drained meaning from nature, undercut the idea of inherent human dignity, and fueled the rise of scientific racism in the 20th century.

John West: How Evolution Drained Meaning from Nature” at Evolution News and Science Today

As noted earlier, in any Darwinian scheme, someone must be co-opted as the subhuman in order for history to have a beginning, so it’s no surprise that it helped fuel scientific racism.

If humans on an individual level are not special, then nothing else is. I have no reason or consideration to value even another persons life let alone their opinion It’s a two-way street, I have no reason to value animal life either, because they to hold no value. How can we value other living creatures when we use our inter personal life to judge, relate, and connect with those creatures, yet that inter personal life and our values are rendered meaningless because we’re not more interesting then lichen So it is a waste of time and effort to care for any other organism on this planet Might as well just kill and torture them to, it’s not like they’re suffering means anything, but we could get some enjoyment out of it They also shoot themselves in the foot thinking that what they’re saying is some pivotal truth as if we could believe any differently, or their truth is more valuable. It’s not. Again don’t see how I could believe any differently, they think that too, unless they are pedaling their truth, then suddenly I have a choice to believe them And how are humans not special, even in a Darwinian mindset? Humans are special because we’re beating the game of evolution and we’re controlling natural selection for everything. That makes us apex, the very definition of special. No species comes close Inhibiting human dominance and progress is anti-evolution on the highest degree and such individuals should be euthanized, anybody that categorizes humans as cancer, they themselves should be classified as cancer to humans and should be removed as a defective mutation Survival of the fittest if anybody tries to eliminate my offspring, my humans, I will eliminate them, no Darwinian should be upset with my decisions, this fits perfectly in their paradigm This, much like free will, is just as hypocritical to say other wise it is a good thing I don’t agree or believe anything I just said though But it is a truth and it’s a matter of interpretation And I truly believe that people like Jerry Coyne and the rest of his ilk are simply using Darwinism to push their trash politics much like the Darwinian racists AaronS1978

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