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Click here to sign yourself up as a volunteer to help promote the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Not sure? Watch the movie trailer below and then decide if you should help get the message out.

P.S. This YouTube trailer is a little dated. The movie is slated for April release in all major movie theaters. You can see a higher resolution version of this trailer and others by clicking here.

"I thought about asking my freshman high school daughter to distribute “Expelled” fliers at school but then reconsidered." That is so sad, but I feel the same way. My kids are still young, but I tell them to watch what they say in class, because I don't want them to get razed by the students or the teacher. My oldest did get into a discussion about evolution with two of his friends once and evidently swayed them toward ID a bit after asking them some pointed questions about the theory. But, that was after class, not during class. Makes you wonder what would happen if everyone who questions evolution actually came out of the closet and started speaking up. You can't even pass out flyers at church because no one wants to create waves there either as there are so many different views on the topic. FtK
DaveScot, I wouldn't want your daughter to get "Expelled", but it would be great publicity for the movie! Hopefully "Expelled" will create an environment of academic freedom so that by the time your daughter gets to college she will have better options. vesf
I thought about asking my freshman high school daughter to distribute "Expelled" fliers at school but then reconsidered. She's a high GPA student in advanced placement math & science looking forward to a career in veterinary science and something like that could get her "Expelled". So I nixed the idea. Freedom of speech and inquiry in the halls of science? Not hardly. DaveScot
Did anyone catch what Dawkins said in the trailer? He said "I am violently opposed to any rival doctrine..." Excuse me..rival doctrine? I thought evolution was just science. Now its a DOCTRINE? What else could Dawkins mean by referring to anything that challenges Darwin as a rival doctrine? Has Dawkins inadvertently let the cat out of the bag and pubicly admitted what many of us have known for quite some time? I know the entire statement from Dawkins was clipped for the trailer, but still, referring to Darwin critiques as rival doctrines implies that Darwinism is also a doctrine. Glad he finally admitted it. DonaldM
Greetings! Well I don't care what the opposition thinks. I have already started promoting it. Word of mouth, all my friends are geared to go and see it. At work some people are interested. I believe Upright BiPed correctly not much seems to stop their lies. But where there is possiblility there is HOPE... And the possibility is that it just might be a “run away blockbuster." Just a little work from people like us and the improbable possibility will become the probable possibility. I would love to see this movie have a domino effect leading to lots of ID research. The thing is apathy stings. Look at the attention "Global Warming" a.k.a. "Climate Change" is getting and nothing is getting done. People still believe it is not real all because of the "Denial Machine." The same one that was used for the tobacco companies. Materialists when cornered will capitalize on the same tactics. Unlettered and Ordinary
I would not spend a lot of time expecting that Expelled will be a "run away blockbuster". Clearly, the movie needs to be made, and shown, and shown again. The head-in-hole denial of the larger scientific community truly needs a great deal of light shown on it (even though that light is of the lime variety as opposed to that typically associated with unveiling the truth). Perhaps I have simply lost my faith in what anyone might otherwise consider "general fairness". I am sure the powers that be will gloss over any effect that the movie might have - after all, umpteen books, a thousand blogs, peer-reviewed articles, endless essays, and the damn truth of the actual evidence hasn't stopped them. In any case, I am delighted that Ben Stein and the production company behind him have made this movie. I have already joined their group, and will do what I can in my area to promote its success. As you say, one never knows. Upright BiPed
Expelled the movie was a brilliant idea. The one thing that the enemy fears the most is public disaproval. In order to compensate for their lack of public support, they found a way to take control of education, the media and the courts. The separation of church and state is their rallying cry. Makes no difference in the end though. If this movie turns out to be the runaway blockbuster it threatens to be, I would not be surprised to see several states tackling the issue democratically in the form of ballot propositions. This being an election year, Expelled may have a surprise effect on the current presidential race. One never knows. As an aside, I could not find any info on whether or not some of the proceeds from this movie will be used to support ID research. There is no question that ID scientists desperately need grants to conduct research. They don't seem to be very successful at obtaining government funds given the bias that is prevalent among those who hold the purse strings. Does anybody know whether or not ID research organizations are slated to get some of the money? Just curious. Mapou

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