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Jonathan McLatchie interviews Christian rocker Jon Steingard, who “no longer believes in God”

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Jonathan McLatchie writes to say, “Last night I had the honor of having a dialogue with Hawk Nelson lead singer Jon Steingard. You may recall he recently announced that he no longer believes in God. We had a two hour conversation about the evidences for God and for Christianity. It includes discussion of intelligent design which may be of interest.”

Here’s more on Steingard’s loss of faith:

Despite identifying as an “agnostic,” Steingard says “it’s important for me to leave that door open” to forming a relationship with God.

“I certainly couldn’t say for certain that God isn’t there. I would prefer it if he was,” he says. “My prayer in recent days has been ‘God, if you’re there, please show up.’ I mean it sincerely. So far, I don’t feel like I’ve been answered. My door remains open.”

Charles Trepany, “Christian rock singer Jon Steingard ‘ready to live’ after revealing he no longer believes in God” at USA Today (May 26, 2020)

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