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Journalist Dances on the Grave of Virus Victim

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This news article reports the death of an Ohio resident who was skeptical of the efficacy of lockdowns.

The liberal media never seems to tire of celebrating the death or misfortune of those who disagree with them. It is tragic that they have sunk to new lows. Is it any wonder that the media is the most distrusted institution in the country (even lower than Congress for goodness sake)?

Let’s take a look at the logic implicit in this story. This guy was a skeptic of lockdowns. He died. Therefore, his skepticism was unwarranted. **face palm**

As a matter of logic, this man’s death is one data point. We do not extrapolate from a single data point to a population of 329 million. It follows that the story is irrelevant at best. At worst it is despicable dancing on the grave of an opponent. I tend to go with the worst case interpretation for this one.

C'mon Barry, nobody expects yellow journalism from uncommondescent.com David P
DavidP, you don't get out much do you? Go to the nearest dictionary and look up the word "metaphor." Barry Arrington
The link didn't say anything about anyone dancing on anyone's grave. Deplorable if true. Can you link to the article about the journalist dancing on the grave? David P
Maybe you can provide some information in regards to this question too, Bob O'h: What's the chain for reporting a Covid-19 death? Who fills out the death certificate and what are the steps to get that info to the scoreboard at the bottom of my tv screen? Andrew asauber
Thank you for the link, Bob @ #4. This is what I was looking for: " a cause-of-death statement is an informed medical opinion" Like any other group, the medical community is subject to fads, pressures, and bad judgement. Opinion leaves lots of room for getting it wrong. Andrew asauber
Can anyone tell me what boxes have to be checked for someone (Dr? Nurse? Hospital Staff? Janitor?) to render the judgement “died from the virus”?
Yes, the CDC if you're in the USA. Bob O'H
A man who REPORTEDLY X , has REPORTEDLY Y ?? Not only schadenfreude but despicable behaviour so low as to suggest insanity. Trash journalism. Belfast
Anyway, the story is from Yahoo au and surprise, surprise has no obvious links with detail. Andrew asauber
"A man who reportedly said the coronavirus lockdown is “bull***” has reportedly died from the virus." Can anyone tell me what boxes have to be checked for someone (Dr? Nurse? Hospital Staff? Janitor?) to render the judgement "died from the virus"? Andrew asauber

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