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Judge Jones: I was taken to school

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In reflecting on the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District court case over which he presided, federal judge John Jones recalls that he “was taken to school.” Ever since his liberal arts days at Dickinson College, Jones has never doubted evolution. But his knowledge of the biological details, what little there was to begin with, was by 2005 quite stale. All that changed in the Kitzmiller case where Jones learned from various expert witnesses. It was, Jones recalled, “the equivalent of a degree in this area.” And Jones is confident his new knowledge served him well. “Folks who disagree with my opinion will tell you I never got it right,” he explains, “but I’m confident that I did.” Did he? The answer is both “yes” and “no.”  Read more

The people were taken to the cleaners. This Judge missed history and only will be a setting up better Judges better decisions in these areas for the future. It comes to the Judge judging that I.d etc are not worthy ideas on origins. In conclusions and processes. They are not scientific. So illegal, because if not science then religious or something, and so legislatures are to be overturned. Grand absurdity. A judge should never be abetting censorship of ideas on subjects of inquiry. Its criminal and doomed to the ashheap of history. It does however make creationism(s) come to a inconvienent truth. The opponents of creationism were first opponents of God and Christ and somewhere post ww11 went into the law of America , while no one looking, and corrupted ancient beautiful ideas into modern oppression. My fellow YEC or I.D folks must take on the legal problem of state opposition to God and Genesis. No more We do science too stuff. They will always find unschooled judges to keep the censorship. Creationism must do the great deed of going right down the throat of the constitutional LAW (discovered in a post WWW11 America) banning the truth and enquiry thereto . They went to the law first to get their way. So must creationism. If we are smart enough to overthrow evolution then we can overthrow soon enough state opposition to creationism. Lts look at the DNA of the law origin of the censorship. i 'm sure the founding Yankee and Southern, very Protestant, people wouldn't mind. Robert Byers

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