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Just in: Faster than-light neutrinos simply can’t have been that fast, researchers insist

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File:KEK and Mt Tsukuba.jpg
Japan's KEK particle accelerator complex

In “Study rejects claims about faster-than-light neutrinos” (MSNBC, November 21, 2011), Robert Evans reports “Physicists say their colleagues’ findings just don’t add up, energy-wise”:

Scientists studying the same neutrino particles that colleagues say appear to have traveled faster than light rejected the startling finding this weekend, saying their tests had shown it must be wrong.

They argue, on the basis of recently published studies by two top U.S. physicists, that the neutrinos pumped down from CERN should have lost most of their energy if they had traveled at even a tiny fraction faster than light.

But in fact, the ICARUS scientists say, the neutrino beam as tested in their equipment registered an energy spectrum fully corresponding with what it should be for particles traveling at the speed of light and no more.

Clearly, what’s needed now is for a different particle accelerator to try the experiment. Japan’s KEK was suggested.

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