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    harvey says:

    I don’t understand. Is this supposed to be a pro-ID weblog? If so then why post links to anti-ID websites?

    [It’s been a long time since I’ve felt threatened by evolutionists. If they’ve got a leg up on us in the paraphernalia department, so be it, I’ll report it. –WmAD]

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    guest says:

    Intelligent Design: Debunked?


    Looking for comments, critiques, and well-rounded supporting arguments.


    [Good link. But it still doesn’t undercut ID. ID just requires that the design be actual, not that it couldn’t be better. Have a look at chapter 6 (“Optimal Design”) of my book THE DESIGN REVOLUTION. I’ve posted a portion of it here. –WmAD]

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    Benjii says:

    Just say no to ‘Darwinism’ sounds better!

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    creeper says:

    Either side sounds startlingly devoid of wit. Surely better T-shirts can be dreamed up?

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    Creeper: Please suggest a startling witty T-shirt for either side in this controversy. I’m always on the look-out for good ideas for my Darwinalia product line.

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    DaveScot says:

    “Darwin of the Gaps” appears wide open. I could only find two utterances on the web predating mine – one by 2 months and one by 6 years. It appears to be picking up in popularity.

    Perhaps a t-shirt showing the trite sequence of hominids going from knuckle walking to an upright modern man could be co-opted with a couple of the links missing and Darwin’s face with one of those little up-arrows signifying a text insertion put in its place. The logo on the shirt would then be “Darwin of the Gaps”.

    There’s certainly a large number of such evolutionary sequences with missing links that could be used instead of hominid evolution.

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    Sal Monella says:

    No ID, No Science
    Know ID, Know Science

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    russ says:

    Creeper: Please suggest a startling witty T-shirt for either side in this controversy. I’m always on the look-out for good ideas for my Darwinalia product line.

    Comment by William Dembski — September 30, 2005 @ 5:12 pm

    Well, I’m no graphic artist and I’m not much of a wit, but here’s the rough draft of my T-shirt design:


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    Benjii says:

    How about a t-shirt that say’s ‘Design R Us’ with the Bacterial Flagellum saying made by Design.

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    Charlie says:

    Nobody else curious as to why archaeologists as a group would be expected to have an interest in a mockery of the Jesus fish or in just saying ‘No’ to ID?

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    russ says:

    Charlie wrote: “Nobody else curious as to why archaeologists as a group would be expected to have an interest in a mockery of the Jesus fish or in just saying ‘No’ to ID?”

    I don’t think this is a “group”. CafePress, (http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/)if I understand it right, does promotional materials for anyone who designs and pays and I think they help you sell them online. This looks like it’s probably just some guy and possibly his friends who are promoting their various and sundry ideas and opinions. I’ll bet that religious and non-religious archaelogists bump heads all the time while they dig up artifacts and offer competing interpretations of their meaning and signifance.

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    russ says:


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    Watchman says:

    “When Intelligent Design is outlawed, only outlaws will have intelligent design” – nah..

    “I’m with Intelligently Designed —> ” nope…

    “My ancestors went through eons of random mutation and natural selection and all I got was this stupid t-shirt” eh… no.

    sorry. I need more coffee…

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    drseth says:

    Check out the comment-fest over at digg.com over the “Why Scientists dismiss “Intelligent Design” link. It’s an entertaining read. Feel free to join in.


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    Benjii says:

    I like “Proud to be intelligently Designed”. How about that?

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    jimbo says:

    One thing I love about these various slogans and bumperstickers: although the “respectable” Darwinists claim that their ideas are a simple scientific theory, and has nothing to do with Christianity (“Non-overlapping magesteria”, and all that…), their co-religionists with “Darwin Fish” on their Volvos seem to be singing a different tune…

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    Charliecrs says:

    I think this idea would go great on t-shirt or would be good for Darwinalia also

    okay so here goes the concept, whether its on a t-shirt or whatever I’ll leave it up to you guys…

    3images and or words

    So im thinking [probably a t-shirt] has a Darwin head / face pic followed by a milk carton image , ya know like the ones they usually have for those lost / missing kids that you always see on the local supermarkets. The key difference being, this milk carton would have a pic/image or words instead that says something like WHERE IS THE missing TRANSTIONAL FOSIL / FORMS ?.

    Then followed by a image of an Evolutionary establishment [yall could probably think of a couple buildings] which is being crushed or derailed by a two ton Anvil or word that says ID. How about that ? i think that is a good one…

    oh wait, i almost forgot above the 3 pics there should be some kind of kewl Title like “Science i support ID” , “Fight for ID”, ” Americans for ID”, etc, etc. or something with a better catch phrase or motto.

    the things ya gota do for [the better-ment ?] of science man i love it!!! lol 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    Alan Fox says:


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    DaveScot says:


    Regeneration does seem like a terrible thing to lose. Why on earth would evolution, which ostensibly is driven by survival of the fittest, let this incredibly handy survival feature be lost?

    But hey, why stop there. Why is there aging and death at all? What’s the survival value in aging and dying?

    This seems like a difficulty more for standard evolutionary theory than for design theory. Survival of the fittest: Debunked?

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    DaveScot says:

    Actually I kind of like the “and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” theme.

    How about – “I managed to evolve from a monkey and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.

    Not really an ID slogan but saleable nonetheless.

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    Sal Monella says:

    How About a couple of short acrostic possibilities for the initials ID?


    (ID stands for . . . )

    (The debate climate at this time seems to have . . . )

    (after reading Design Revolution . . . )

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