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Kindle: Get Keith Thomson’s Fossils: A Very Short Introduction for $1.99

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From puff:

In this delightful book, Keith Thomson provides a remarkably all-encompassing explanation of fossils as a phenomenon. How did Darwin use fossils to support his theory of evolution? What are ‘living fossils’? What fossils will we leave behind for future generations to examine? Building on the scientific aspects, he places fossils in a very human context, highlighting their impact on philosophy and mythology, our concept of time, and today’s popular culture. What quickly becomes obvious is that the discovery of fossils and the ways in which they have been interpreted over time makes for fascinating reading. From the black market to the Piltdown Man, and from mythological dragons to living dinosaurs, fossils hold a permanent place in the popular imagination.

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    bornagain77 says:

    OT: Prof. Richard Weikart, who wrote “From Darwin To Hitler” has posted an article on ENV

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