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Kirk Durston on Sabine Hossenfelder and God


Biophysicist Kirk Durston offers some feedback to theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder:

Lots of comments, including “You are dead on that she avoids talking about how space, time, matter, and energy came into existence. Right now I’m reading Eric Metaxas’ book “Is Atheism Dead” and enjoying it, I recommend it if you haven’t seen it.” – Douglas Ell

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The God who came to meet man and revealed himself? Old fashioned? This is pride speaking.... buffalo
Time causes a problem for atheists. There isn’t an enough of it or there is too much of it. Either way leads to uncomfortable conclusions. The greatest mystery is existence. Aside: in the list of biologists who support ID, Durston should be added. Aside2: the immediate going to to the God of Christianity is telling. It’s the favorite tactic of anti ID here and everywhere. jerry

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