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Laszlo Bencze’s reflections on Darwin Day

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Laszlo Bencze

Darwin, by supposedly kicking out all the pillars of support for Intelligent Design, established himself as the man who eliminated God from the world of biology. That is an achievement of vast theological proportions far beyond the puny attainments of an Newton or Einstein. It is how Darwin alone of all scientists attained the rank of secular savior. It is why he receives public celebration that in medieval times was reserved for sacred relics.

You might think that a theory so profound would be laden with intimidating mathematical formulas and at least as difficult to master as Newton’s Mechanics or Einsteins Relativity. But such is not the case. Darwinism is the most accessible “scientific” theory ever proposed. It needs no math, no mastery of biology, no depth of understanding on any level. The dullest person can understand the basic story line: “Some mistakes are good. When enough good mistakes accumulate you get a new species. If you let the mistakes run long enough, you get every complicated living thing descending from one simple living thing in the beginning. There is no need for God in this process. In fact there is no need for God at all. So the Bible, which claims that God is important, is wrong.” You can be drunk, addled, or stupid and still understand this. And the real beauty of it is that when you first glimpse this revelation with its “aha!” moment, you feel like an Einstein yourself. You feel superior, far superior, to those religious nuts who still believe in God. Without having paid any dues whatsoever, you breathe the same rarified air as the smartest people who have ever lived. – Laszlo Bencze

Well my day is Stephen Meyer day as he was the biggest reason I went from theistic evolution to intelligent design. I would propose a Stepgen Meyer day but I know he's too humble to allow that, and that is the way it's supposed to be :) wallstreeter43
The irony is that I got my aha moment when I stumbled on to intelligent design for the first time. As for the Darwin faithful, I pity the poor ignorant lot. Happy academic freedom day folks humbled
Devastatingly ironical, an incisive analysis based on the simple facts, and inevitably hilarious. You're a diamond geezer, Laszlo! Axel
if its about smartness then AMEN lets raise the stakes LASZLO!(Is that a internet name) Biology is the most intellectually complicated thing and physics is trivial in comparison. Biology should have the most complicated equations behind it. not just mistakes plus mistakes equals IMMUNE system. Thats just saying something. thats not proof and more importantly its just silly. Mistakes never are that bad as to cross thresholds in biology to create wondergul complexity. its up to you to prove such a unlikely thing. Telling people its just compound interest mistakes is telling them your guessing. its absurd surely. never mind PROVE IT. I say the absurd can't be proved. mistake after mistake is JUST a line of reasoning for unreasoning thinkers everywhere. Robert Byers

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