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Lee Spetner: The Evolution Revolution

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I just received my copy of Lee Spetner’s new book, The Evolution Revolution which follows his earlier Not By Chance! In these books Spetner lays out a new theory of origins, a new way of looking at biology, and really a new way of doing science, at least in the life sciences. I couldn’t agree more with his approach. Spetner’s overarching point is not that evolution does not occur, but that it is very different from how we normally understand that word. Spetner’s new approach—which he calls the nonrandom evolutionary hypothesis (NREH)—is data driven. NREH is an empirical idea, based on observations, not a rationalist idea based on a prior axioms. Mutations are effective, not random; evolution is directed to the need, not undirected; evolution occurs rapidly not slowly; and evolution occurs at the level of the individual, not at the population level. All of this points to the conclusion that evolution, like physiological responses, is a built-in capability, not a default, external process. And as Spetner points out, as research increases, the case for NREH is just getting stronger:  Read more

ReMine, like Spetner, seem to have some similar interest in arguments of Haldane's dilemma... among others. That's probably how I can relate the two in this thread. JGuy
I have Spetner's first book. If I'm not mistaken in my recollection, he also discusses the problem with how fast a new trait could be fixed in a population. And I think relating this to Haldane's dilemma - again, if I'm not mistaken. Another book everyone interested in this blog's topic should read: Walter ReMine's "Biotic Message" , because it's replete with very useful info and novel ideas - and even Mung liked it for what it is :P Folks here should keep a copy ready on the shelf: http://saintpaulscience.com/contents.htm JGuy
For those of you who haven't read "Not By Chance" you need to. It is required reading for anyone interested in the debate between evolutionism and evolution by intelligent design Joe

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