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Life never originates where they say. But grants do.

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Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor muses on the strangeness:

Life isn’t characterized by cyanide, or even nucleotides or lipids or proteins or the host of substrates in living things. The essence of life is information — the gigabytes of information in the genetic code in DNA, the astonishingly complex molecular machinery of cellular metabolism, the intricate orchestration of the physiology of higher organisms, and the immaterial power of rational thought and free will in man. The material components of living things are merely the substrate in which this elegant information is stored and expressed. And information always originates in a mind.

“Astrobiologists” who search for life’s origin in cyanide in meteorites or in any material substrate are fools blinded by materialist ideology.:

Michael Egnor, “Astrobiology: Searching for the Origin of Life, In All the Wrong Places” at Evolution News and Science Today

Actually, the researchers are not so dumb when you consider that looking for chance events attracts the grants. Little else would.

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3 Replies to “Life never originates where they say. But grants do.

  1. 1
    vmahuna says:

    Yes, exactly. It’s like writing Romance Novels: the stuff SELLS.
    It’s the same with Global Warming and DDT killing birds: you can make MONEY reciting the Myths.
    If you want to NEVER get another proposal funded, buck the mainstream.

  2. 2
    AaronS1978 says:


    Honestly asking about the global warming politics

    There is an honest question I want to ask everybody about, and it’s the whole global warming thing, I have done research on this and there is an actual impact that we do have as a species on our environment specifically our O-Zone that does hurt and cause greenhouse effects

    Now I have heard multiple stories from all ends, the liberal media pretty much states it’s happening and we’re going to die instantly, the conservative media says it’s all bullshit.

    Do we honestly believe that we are not having an impact on our environment in the negative way. Or is that a bullshit stereotype as well

    Also I saw the emails that were over exaggerated findings of global warming lying for the greater good which I never condone especially in this case if it is to push a political agenda

    But to be honest with you I am at this point now where I have caught both sides lying and I don’t know who to trust anymore about that

    All I can do is understand the impact that I have on the environment and mitigate it and I don’t go to an extreme and do what uptight yuppies do I certainly still eat meat

    But I also don’t go to the other extreme and completely pretend it’s not happening

    So I guess some clarifying would be nice about how we look at that, proponents of ID

  3. 3
    Fasteddious says:

    Aaron @ 2: Here is an “opinion piece” I wrote for our local paper on the subject of climate change:
    It tries to follow a middle-of-the-road approach. I hope it helps…

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