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Life’s building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds

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Essential building blocks of DNA — compounds called nucleobases — have been detected for the first time in a simulated environment . . .

See the story here. Presumably, one can create a simulation in which one may “detect” anything one wishes. Meanwhile, tucking the origins of life inside simulations of environments several light years away certainly serves a purpose (a baleful or sanguine purpose, depending on one’s point of view) if one wishes to insulate one’s conclusions from empirical testing and possible falsification.

I haven't read anything about INTERSTELLAR clouds being nurseries for Life, but I have read that only a SMALL proportion of all GALAXIES are capable of supporting Life. The problem is that 1st and 2nd Generation galaxies don't have enough "heavy" elements (um, "metals"; everything heavier than Helium) to sustain Life if it pops up. And 5th and 6th Generation galaxies have too many radioactive elements. So some HUGE portion of the Universe is only there to be interesting for Life in 3rd & 4th Generation galaxies to look at. Read "The Privileged Planet" by Gonzalez and Richards. vmahuna

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