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Lining you up with holiday fun

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ID friends don’t let ID friends suffer from bores ‘n snores.

Here’s a YouTube series you may want to catch. Especially if you are otherwise stuck over the holidays listening to Aunt Warz on foreign affairs (why can’t foreigners see things just like WE do?!) or Uncle Elmo on the origin of space and time (Nephew, it’s really simple if you see it like I do…).

Episode 6 will be online New Years Eve and will feature a much requested interview with “myself” discussing NGE and my personal ID paradigm in depth, as well as return highlights (Gauger, Rana, McLatchie, Rowe, Ha-Limmud) from our first 5 shows.

Lights Out (Season 2) will return in January with brand new guests, including Richard Sternberg and Bradley Monton.

Sternberg? Monton? Hey, these are people we want to hear from.

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