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Losing One’s Mind, but Pretending to Defend “Science”


Listen to this rant, and then tell me that this guy is sane. His rants are perfectly analogous to those of people like Dawkins concerning challenges to Darwinian orthodoxy.

"I pity the fool." Mung
I must be made of "sterner stuff", for I am not really moved to pity for "these poor souls." Ilion
almost Upright BiPed
One more observation: Why is it that Gore won't debate MIT's Richard Lindzen, and Dawkins won't debate Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, or William Lane Craig? The answer is obvious. Gore and Dawkins know that they are outclassed by such people and would be made to look like the fools that they are. The excuse they (Gore and Dawkins) give, that they don't want to lend credibility to religious fanatics and "deniers," is so transparently lame and revealing that one is almost inspired to feel pity for these poor souls. GilDodgen
Cousin Stu, How nice to hear from you! Apparently there is some nefarious nucleotide lurking around in the Dodgen genes that raises its ugly head from time to time, and makes some of us abandon the family tradition of atheism. GilDodgen
The quest for spiritual meaning does not disappear when one takes a secular course in life. Al Gore has a fervent need for an all-explaining cause and he's found it in crazy environmentalism. People have a right to believe in whatever religion they want, but it becomes a problem when there is no separation of church and state. Gore's religion is joined at the hip with the state. Our government promotes it, funds it, and passes laws to enlarge it. Gore is a televangelist (even his accent and speaking style show it) who knows nothing of science. He got a D is the one science class he took in college, and it's interesting to note that he took a try at a theology degree, but flunked out of the program. Frankly, I don't know how this goofball can be shut up with all the flattery he get's from the media, Hollywood, and the Nobel Prize committee. StuartHarris
Gore is just confusing the territory with the map. Mung
I think Gore is really just erroneously assuming those who oppose his agenda use the same tactics his side does. All you have to do is see where big corporations have their money invested - green technology and eco-business. Many corporations (well, those that enjoy statist protections from the free market) love these kind of regulations because it drives the little guy competitors out of business, unable to afford compliance costs. It's kind of like how we (the ID community) often erroneously assume Darwinists and materialists are using the tactics we employ - honest reason & debate based on facts and charitable interpretations. Meleagar
"Why doesn’t this apply to government money?" Because 'government' in the hands of "liberals" is pure? As pure as he knows himself to be? Because 'government' printed the money in the first place, so how could 'government' possibly taint it? Because ... "Shut up, you denier!" he explained. Ilion
Something I find interesting is that Gore thinks corporate money can corrupt science, so that research is biased in favor of a conclusion that was reached in advance. Why doesn't this apply to government money? GilDodgen
People who talk about "coming together in a shared reality" are almost never talking about recognizing the truth of actual reality. Ilion
Evidence that it's all over but the crying? I think so. Brent
Well of course he is angry, his religion, which he has invested so much faith in, has been shown to be extremely questionable, even fraudulent in many aspects. bornagain77
Whoa Upright BiPed

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