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Mark Psiaki responds to Hunter Rawlings


Mark Psiaki comments at length on Cornell University President Hunter Rawlings’s state of the university address criticizing ID: http://www.rso.cornell.edu/idea/rawlings_speech_w_mlp_comments.pdf. For earlier postings on Hunter Rawlings’s address, search under “Rawlings” on this blog.

Also...Chapman was shocked that George Bush, who went to Harvard and had all the opportunities of a great education came out on ID and said we should teach both sides...and he said that Bush was like an ignorant fundamentalist (by which he insulted a great deal of Americans with this stupid statement)...and that it's shocking he could come off as so ignorant. Bush merely said- teach kids the views of ID. He never made any statements of science, and even Chapman himself, which seems odd, admitted he's not a scientist and not very adept at science in general. So, he has the same level of science as Bush, maybe less for all we know- yet Bush, to him, is an ignorant man for his view we should teach both sides? He then went on to claim that if kids heard about ID in science class, they would be unable to get jobs and would never be able to compete in the world and in the marketplace. A ridiculous notion...the creationists in Europe in the middle ages- it seems they all did pretty well for themselves, and it seems their nations not only survived but flourished far more than any of the other areas of the world who might have had creationist scientists. This is just a lame scare tactic that doesn't fit with history in any manner whatsoever. jboze3131
off topic, but did anyone see Behe this morning on CSPAN? They also had Chapman, Darwin's great-great grandson. Behe did well. Chapman, on the other hand, kept saying ID is religious. He said that ID simply claims "this is too complex, we don't understand how it came about, so we're throwing up our hands and saying God did it. The end" Of course, that's not what ID says, and it's sad that even Darwins grandson can't get his facts right with this. He complained that ID is a dead end and akin to throwing your hands up and saying, I've no idea! BS. Then, he has to explain the agnostics who support ID, considering he continually claimed ID is a religious idea. I wonder what the agnostics who support ID think of this assertion? jboze3131
Finally someone rational speaks up! Benjii

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