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Materialism Makes You Stupid

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I have a hard time getting some materialists to admit that two plus two is infallibly four.  Here, a 5’9″ white guy has a hard time getting college students to admit that he is infallibly not a seven year old, 6’5″ Chinese woman.


Headlined: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/atheism/clavdivs-design-as-a-cause-is-compatible-with-materialism-is-that-so/ kairosfocus
C, design is compatible with embodied designers -- we are embodied designers. Evolutionary materialism is inescapably self referentially incoherent and irretrievably self-falsifying as a worldview. Whether or no it is dressed up in a lab coat . . . threatening to take the credibility of science down with it in the ruins of its inevitable collapse. And that is some serious beef. KF kairosfocus
Design as a cause is compatible with materialism. Where's the beef? CLAVDIVS
. . . as in, might and manipulation make 'truth,' 'right' etc -- welcome to the world of nihilism. This does not end well. kairosfocus
Are we looking at a spiral of intimidation, message dominance by the politically correct partyline agenda, domineering and silencing? Cf https://masscommtheory.com/theory-overviews/spiral-of-silence/ kairosfocus
p.s. I just noticed BA77's reference to the upcoming movie on Rachel Scott. It's too late to edit but I regret my casual reference to martyrdom in the same thread. I'm looking forward to that film!. steveO
Just another take: Perhaps some of them are being smart. They can detect where the questions are leading but would not dare put themselves outside the worldview being imposed upon them. If you're an average Joe/Joan you do not want to be receiving a call from the campus thought police. They may simply have decided martyrdom is not for them. steveO
MT: "The video has got nothing to do materialistic worldview." The insane views expressed in the video would be impossible in a society that has not been drenched in Post Modern philosophy. And PoMo philosophy is built on a foundation of materialist atheism. Wake up MT. Barry Arrington
MT, a relevant context -- transgenderism the latest radical push -- is given. The response is to align with that. Never mind the patent danger to women and children from such a move. Physically, natural prey species for men who are minded to take advantage of provided opportunities. Not to mention the progressive cynical and perverse undermining of objective truth and manipulation of family and sex, in a march of folly. Our civilisation is increasingly suicidal. KF kairosfocus
OK!!! I've been saying materialism and atheism makes you stupid for a long time doggone it! I want credit for saying it first or else I'm gonna sue somebody stupid enough to let me and even dumber to pay me. jimmontg
The video has got nothing to do materialistic worldview. The respondents clearly don't care. If a random guy thinks he is something which he is not, who cares ? Why should what he thinks matter to the respondents? If a friend says he is a 7 year old Chinese women, those same respondents will tell him that he has lost his marbles and that he should see a shrink. Me_Think
To repeat. These liberal kids are saying very logically from their world view. (it is in reference to desegregating ,ale/female washrooms/locker rooms) the right response. They know its about identity. They are so deterrmined to say there is no difference, not the historical difference, between the sexes or ethnicity THAT in meeting a person they don't even notice their identity and don't question same person's claim about their identity. They are being logical. Just possible not thinking fast enough on their feet. Yet committed to the liberal agenda to break down identity differences to being inferior to a human being identity. In short. Your identity is so irrelevant one can't tell/or question your claim of identity. Segregated washrooms by sex is immoral and irrelevant these kids are saying. Its a bigger feminist agenda. A identiy equality agenda. Robert Byers
At least Ted Cruz and his wife are smart cookies, so there is hope for turning things around - they would not fall for this idiocy. I would like to move to the USA but I think for now I will think again. I am doubtful that even highly secular New Zealand would produce people as stupid as these. abc
Pop a beer Let's get drunk OK mike1962
I just watched video.... It's unbelievable what couple of decades of brainwashing can do to population. What a mess! Eugen
Cannuckian, "So could it be that materialists are ….well, materialists because they cannot admit that truth transcends matter, that matter cannot exist without prior truth?" Yup. As soon as something, anything, exists a-priori, materialism is dead. So all it takes to kill materialism is 1. bFast
If such a complete lack of critical thinking skills is typical of young people today, then … God help us.
It was just as rampant in the 60's, in the youth who went on to become today's professors. EvilSnack
BA, I shed many tears in the course of that case. Rachel and Cassie are heroines of the faith. Barry Arrington
Mr. Arrington, seeing how personally you were involved in the aftermath of the Columbine shooting, I'm pretty sure this trailer of this upcoming movie will bring a couple of tears to your eye. I'm Not Ashamed | Trailer | The Story of Rachel Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pelUjrszLZo On April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School, America changed. Two teenage boys entered their high school with guns and homemade bombs with a plan to kill hundreds of their classmates. They murdered 12 students and 1 teacher before turning their guns on themselves. The first student to die that day was Rachel Joy Scott. She was eating lunch with a friend and was shot multiple times as they approached. The killers knew Rachel. They were in classes together. Rachel had shared her faith in Jesus with them. They mocked her saying, "Do you still believe in your God?" With a gun at her head she replied, "You know that I do." https://imnotashamedfilm.com/ bornagain77
Barry Arrington: Here, a 5’9" white guy has a hard time getting college students to admit that he is infallibly not a seven year old, 6’5" Chinese woman.
If the 5’9" white guy is in a sense "right" to claim that he is a seven year old, 6’5" Chinese woman, then it follows that the 5’9" white guy is in the same sense "wrong" when he claims that he is not a seven year old, 6’5" Chinese woman. One cannot help but wonder what kind of "right" and "wrong" is being taught at our universities. Origenes
Entertaining video, but ultimately very frightening. If such a complete lack of critical thinking skills is typical of young people today, then ... God help us. harry
Excellent video. As long as sampling accurate..Anyways these people were dumb wrong. Most were female and ethnic. Probably American men would not say what these said . It shows they are saying there is not only not right and wrong BUT its not up to mankind to say whats right or wrong about identity. Thats what these kids are saying. In short they don't want questioning of homosexuals or feminism claims or ethnic claims to who gets what including WHO gets into universities. They have a agenda . A conspiracy. they don't accept the GUY's claims on identity whatsoever. The vid successfully proved its agenda. YET if the kids are saying there is no right or wrong THEN THEY are saying that those who do say there IS are WRONG. You can't escape making and enforcing conclusions when conclusions are in conflict. Robert Byers
"....then there undeniably exists something that is truly not part of our universe, not bound by time, always existing." Hmm. [ Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you had known me, you would have known my Father also.[d] From now on you do know him and have seen him.' ] John 14:6-7 ESV So could it be that materialists are ....well, materialists because they cannot admit that truth transcends matter, that matter cannot exist without prior truth? CannuckianYankee
Barry, the fact that arithmetic (in fact all of math and logic) is discovery, not creation of man is soooo core. If math and logic are intrinsic, then there undeniably exists something that is truly not part of our universe, not bound by time, always existing. Dionisio, I agree. bFast
Their parents will be, like, so proud of them. Origenes
Materialism Makes You Stupid
I believe it's the other way around: we humans are stupid by nature, hence we believe in anything -including materialism- except in Truth. I believe that it takes divine intervention to make us see the Truth. Dionisio
Yes, Querius. Being so liberated also does wonders for your GPA and the scores on your college entrance exam, especially if you identify as a Valedictorian. StephenB
The indoctrination is working . . . but it's not quite complete yet. George Orwell, here we come! I wonder how this works on admissions to the college. I mean, like, if I want to, like, apply as a minority student. If I, like, identify as a minority, why should someone, like, tell me that I'm wrong? http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/16/us/washington-rachel-dolezal-naacp/ -Q Querius

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