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Materialist myths: Religious people opposed anesthesia in childbirth!

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There couldn’t be a better example of the warfare between religion and science than anesthesia in childbirth. Religious folk, we are told, opposed anesthesia in childbirth because women should suffer, right? Indeed, the claim that religious folk opposed such anesthesia has become a minor but regular component of the folklore of materialism.

Medical historian A. D. Farr actually went to the trouble of methodically searching the literature from Britain in the 1840s and 1850s, where modern anesthesia during childbirth was first introduced there. He found that religious opposition to the introduction of childbirth anesthesia was a figment of later propaganda.

How did the idea get started, despite a lack of evidence? Well, now, that’s a story ….

Read the rest at Overwhelming Evidence, a student friendly ID site – and encourage students to visit as well and get wise about some of this stuff.

The revisionists need only to rent Bill Cosby's "Himself" to get a refresher course on what generation began to eschew anesthesia in childbirth. angryoldfatman
I suppose this will be filed under "revisionist" history. This (along with many other examples) should be framed as reclaimed history since history is being reclaimed from the "Enlightenment" revisionists. JJS P.Eng.
LOL. I have seen numerous atheists use "facts" that are false. Unfortunately, most people never investigate what other people say. bork
I was once told by an atheist (who was being utterly serious) that 'Christianity has killed more men than every war and plague mankind has experienced, put together'. It was baffling - he honestly believed that, and seemed stunned and in denial when it was explained what kind of numbers were involved in that claim, using the 20th century alone. There's other, more common myths. A tame favorite of mine is when an atheist tells me how horrible and disgusting Dominoes pizza tastes, and how they'd never eat such a thing. The moment I inform them that Tom Monaghan (The founder whose Catholic philanthropy they can't stand) hasn't had a controlling interest in the company for years, the pizza suddenly tastes better. nullasalus

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