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Three cheers for an editor with courage:

“Editor: Lebanon Daily News

In the words of the brilliant investigative-journalist and four-time Gold Medallion winner, Lee Strobel,

“My road to atheism was paved by science … but, ironically science became my later journey to God.”
The public needs enlightenment on the truth of intelligent design as increasing numbers of the world’s greatest scientists are yielding to the compelling and mounting evidence of this burgeoning movement. In recent years the erroneous teaching of Darwinism and life by random chance is becoming unraveled and exposing itself for what it really is: a bankrupt philosophy masquerading as a science with the aid of fake fossil mills loose in the world. . . . Full article at LDNews.com

When America restores true Bible science and accountability to our Creator God into our political and educational institutions, we’ll have taken a giant step toward healthier national character and the prevention of crime, life without purpose and the consequences of our condom culture.
I'm not so sure he understand Intelligent Design... Joseph
I think I'll just modify a quote from a former coworker to make my point..."Darwinism is already dead, it's just too dumb to fall over." I think ID just needs to give it a little help. :D country6925
There must be a mistake. I just read that ID is dead. It must be true because Shalini said it over on PT. (see the PT article about the Baylor parody) I'm convinced that ID is dead. And I am now an atheist. (this post was written with tongue-in-cheek and a whole lot of sarcasm) Joseph
Dang! My hometown paper featured here on UD. I read this letter yesterday and knew he hit the nail on the head. Homer Snavely writes into the paper every so often, discussing a Christian perspective on various topics. I kind of wish I could do that, but I can't for lack of time. I will post again later on this.. country6925

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