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Maybe the coelacanth just checked out of evolution

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Quan Long

From “Still Capable of Adapting: Genetic Diversity of ‘Living Fossil’ Coelacanths” (ScienceDaily, June 14, 2012), we learn,

The morphology of coelacanths has not fundamentally changed since the Devonian age, that is, for about 400 million years. Nevertheless, these animals known as living fossils are able to genetically adapt to their environment.

The data generally revealed low genetic diversity. As presumed, the evolution of these animals is only progressing slowly. Nevertheless, certain genetic patterns were only found in certain geographic regions. “We assume that the African coelacanth originally came from around the Comoros Islands, home to the largest known population” Lampert explains. Since then, however, two further, now independent populations have established themselves in South Africa and Tanzania. In addition, the animals around the Comoros belong to two genetically distinct groups. “We have thus been able to show that despite their slow evolutionary rate, coelacanths continue to develop and are potentially also able to adapt to new environmental conditions” says the RUB researcher. “The image of the coelacanth as a passive relic of bygone times should therefore be put into perspective.”

Note that “genetically distinct groups” does not mean “cannot interbreed.”

It sounds as though these researchers were sent out to find evidence for coelacanth evolution (!).  And didn’t, particularly. But the photo is nice.

SLOW EVOLUTIONARY RATE. Are they kidding?! Naw they are just dumb and humourless! it simply survived after the flood and the fossils of it were done during the flood year. its just a embarrassment to evolutionary theory. It just shouldn't be here. Its absurd it found its niche sweet niche and never needed to change so much as a eyelash. I'm sure better study of the seas will find more such creatures. by the way if this creature had been killed off in 1066 AD or 1492AD by some disease affecting the small populations of it evolutionists would never of known and would of INSISTED that it went extinct millions of years ago. just a thought exercise on the issue of evidence. Why indeed do the 'geology layers" not show it in later ages? simple. tHe later geological events that fossilized creatures were of minor happenings on earth while it was the great flood that fossilized this fish in the seas. simple. Robert Byers
But evolution is like a great big box of chocolates. You jist never know what it'll teach us next. Jist as long as it ain't about a god. Axel

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