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Maybe this is an argument for the rights of human embryos…


From embryonic development:

An adult human body comprises trillions of cells of more than 200 types. How a human develops from a single fertilized egg to a fully grown adult is a fundamental question in biomedical science. Due to the ethical challenges of performing studies on human embryos, however, the details of this process remain largely unknown.

To overcome these issues, the research team took a different approach. They analysed genetic mutations in cells taken from adult human post-mortem tissue. Specifically, they identified mutations that occur spontaneously in early developmental cell divisions. These mutations, also called genomic scars, act like unique genetic fingerprints that can be used to trace the embryonic development process.

The study, which looked at 334 single-cell colonies and 379 tissue samples from seven recently deceased human body donors, is the largest single-cell, whole-genome analysis carried out to date. The researchers examined the genomic scars of each individual in order to reconstruct their early embryonic cellular dynamics.

The result revealed several key characteristics of the human embryonic development process. Firstly, mutation rates are higher in the first cell division, but then decrease to approximately one mutation per cell during later cell division. Secondly, early cells contributed unequally to the development of the embryo in all informative donors, for example, at the two-cell stage, one of the cells always left more progeny cells than the other. The ratio of this was different from person to person, implying that the process varies between individuals and is not fully deterministic.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), “Genomic data reveals new insights into human embryonic development” at ScienceDaily (August 31, 2021) The paper is closed access. The paper is closed access.

The hate squad against baby humans is sure on the march these days.

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The hate squad against baby humans is sure on the march these days.
it's widespread - even in tolerant, liberal Europe.
Public Uproar and Government Scrutiny After French TV Airs Pro-Life ‘Unplanned’ The American film Unplanned, broadcast for the first time on French television Aug. 16, is still causing an uproar across the country, including in the highest government circles. In a tweet published during the broadcast of the movie, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality Élisabeth Moreno “firmly condemned” the fiction that “goes against the government’s values,” calling it a “despicable anti-abortion propaganda tool.” She claimed that abortion was a “progress for our society” and that it was a “fundamental and inalienable right for all women.” Her tweet was accompanied by the hashtag, “My body my choice.” Portraying the life of Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood center in Texas who became later a passionate pro-life activist, Unplanned was meant to shed light on the reality of abortion by showing what goes on behind the scenes of this international business, and the real tragedy that such practice represents for countless women. The film, which is distributed by Evangelical Christian studio Pure Flix, provoked the wrath of the French progressive government. In an Aug. 17 communiqué, Élisabeth Moreno reiterated “the state’s unwavering support for Planned Parenthood,” which she said “has already been attacked several times recently, as well as for all the feminist associations that carry out considerable work to provide access to the law, to education on sexuality, contraception, abortion, and equal rights for women and men.” Calling the movie a “despicable anti-abortion propaganda tool,” the French government strongly condemned the broadcast network for being guilty of “obstruction to abortion.”
Here, The French government condemned the film and warns the public that the movie is trying to save the lives of babies who really should be killed because certain feminists have decided that is what is best for them. Silver Asiatic
The imbalance seems necessary from a logical standpoint. If every division creates identical cells on both sides, there would be no way to end up with all the necessary types and subtypes. So each division must involve a difference between the sides, and the difference would generally include a change in productivity. (Some types of adult cells divide often, some types rarely or never divide) polistra

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