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Memo from the Toronto Office


To: Dembski

From: O’Leary

Re: Compensation for Thumbsmen

July 25, 2007

Bill, pursuant to your recent comments on the guy in charge of promoting the ID biz conf over at the Thumb, how much ARE we paying our shills anyway? I have been trying to get figures for several months now, but accounting is backlogged due to the recent surge in memberships, donations, and book sales.

Taken as a group, the Thumbsmen are highly productive – an excellent investment. I can’t think of any venture of ours that has been as successful in providing worldwide recognition for the ID community and for anti-materialist ideas in general.

However, the productivity of individual Thumbsmen varies wildly. I cannot determine which ones we should tell to go freelance until I know what each is actually costing our public relations budget. Also, some of them are overdue for a pay raise, don’t you think? We wouldn’t want to tempt them to accept an offer to work against us.

The ASA division continues to underperform. In retrospect, that was not a wise acquisition. It seems that no one cares much about scientists who claim to be religious but don’t think the universe shows evidence of intelligent design. The product offer is, after all, quite confusing, and the marketing people have just not been able to come up with a sell sheet that provides any inspiration to the sales force.

Later this fall, I will recommend that we try selling that division. An environment consortium has expressed interest in acquiring a self-identified “Christian” opposition, to ramp up their campaign for common sense. I am sure we can work out a reasonable price. But again, I need some figures to work with.


P.S.: I’m not entirely sure I feel comfortable with this new open letter business that that guy from the ASA division started a while back. I’d as soon go back to private correspondence myself. The conspirazoids are apt to think we orchestrate everything. Silly asses! No one can orchestrate absolutely everything!

P.P.S.: Bill, don’t forget the 13 Steps to Theocracy meeting this afternoon. The Twenty ! Ten! Take Over! Commission has a brand new PowerPoint they’re keen on showing. I am sure you will find it both interesting and inspiring.- d.

Denyse and Bill, your humor is wonderfullll! Michael1831
Oh that's okay, Sal. I checked. Apparently, the YECs buy time on our system. That includes the use of The Thumb when we don't need it. O'Leary
The PandasThumb guys are acually moonlighting, they've shilled for the Creationists too! Creation Museum Already Hosts 100,000th Guest
Less than two months after opening its doors to the public, the Creation Museum hosted its 100,000th guest this past weekend—a milestone not expected for months to come and a sign, museum officials say, of the continuing popularity of the critically acclaimed high-tech facility... Apparently, all the negative publicity from Evolutionists has had the opposite effect, and is helping to drum up business!
Whatever you are paying this guy, you should double it. johnnyb
Are guys being paid to NOT say anything over at PT, Garganzola (or whatever PZ's blog is called), Talk Reason, etc? I bring this up in regards to water discovered on distant planet, HD 189733b. First, this is a great technological achievement for the astronomy community. It is fascinating to read about new discoveries and learn more about how our universe works. Second, a follow up article at CreationEvolutionDesign provides some perspective on the subject of finding a "Earth-like" exoplanet. Third, I would expect that the aforementioned sites would be all giddy over this discovery, but after searching the sites, I couldn't find a single post on HD 189733b. Not even Bad Astronomy posted on this. Maybe this is reverse-psychology on the materialists part or is someone on the take? If the latter is true, what's the going rate to be silent? If the rate is decent, where and how do I apply? JJS P.Eng.
Yes, Russ, and then one must make a living too - and I assure you, I am NOT getting any $22.50 per word like StuartHarris's agent gets him. Stu, WHO is your agent? Santa Claus? On the other hand, summers are fun. I get to do silly stuff. O'Leary
Some guy at ASA thinks the whole ID anti-evolution debate is a put up job to sell books. So that part of the plan just got exposed.
And what fun it must be to be an ID author! Between writing chapters you can appeal your tenure denial, untangle misrepresentations of your ideas in the press and on the Internet, and get showered with all kinds of insults and ad hominem attacks. russ
Denyse, Bill, Some guy at ASA thinks the whole ID anti-evolution debate is a put up job to sell books. So that part of the plan just got exposed. jerry
I believe that we should open a dialog with the people as ASA. I have read their postings recently and they seem to have a fairly erroneous idea of what ID is and who supports it. Few are more attuned than others but no one has an accurate view of ID. They really do think there is theological underpinning to ID and don't accept that if there is, it is only individual's interpretation as opposed to a movement wide view. They also haven't a clue as to what Michael Behe is about or what he has shown or believes. They parrot inane criticisms of Behe without ever reading both sides of the argument They are now speculating on what type of TE Behe is but few have read his writings. Even though many of these people seem dense and many have knee jerked anti ID attitudes, they represent an asset and should not be another obstacle to over come. So I am not sure being at odds with these people is best even though last time they appeared here they came with a whole range of misperceptions and then failed to listen. No one appears here from their association and no one from here comments there. The only drawback of commenting on the ASA site is that there will be an endless amount of spam from PVM who at every opportunity tells the people at ASA repeat after me "ID is vacuous." jerry
Dear Denyse, I am available for hire as a Thumbsmen shill for $22.50 per word. Email me and I'll put you in contact with my agent. Regards, Stu Harris StuartHarris
Alright, this is funny and worth watching Dane Cook meets a snarky athiest. Jehu
Well at least the cats out of the bag now. I've sometimes wondered how much guys like P.Z. and Dawkins are getting paid for their part in promoting ID? Must be a fortune, but they're earning every penny. I guess when you have access to the deep pockets of the religious right no price is too big to pay in order to establish the theocracy we're all after. shaner74
Bil ... you mean ... those guys in saffron robes are toting REAL assault rifles? I thought they were just making some obscure Zen point. I didn't get it. But so? I never got "one hand clapping" either. And to think I looked two of them straight in the eye and told them to siddown and shuddup and stuff those things ... Good thing they did. I don't know if I'd do it again. Just as well you couldn't make the meeting, Bill. Now, are you SURE ID East has all this under control? Does the head honch know that his guys bring those dam things to MEETINGS? There could be all kinds of trouble if they shoot out a pot light or something, and the landlord calls the cops. Most people in Toronto are, like, highly anti-gun. O'Leary
ROTFLMAO!! I wanna join the 13 Steps to Theocracy program!!!!!! (But you gotta watch me...I might be workin' as a double agent..*wink*) Forthekids
13 Steps to Theocracy has recently changed names to Christians for World Domination. Our sister organization is Buddhists for Violence. William Dembski

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