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Miracles are not only for the religious


Religious people are more likely to say they’ve experience a miracle but they aren’t the only ones who do:

In a research article published in Review of Religious Research in July, sociologist Edwin Eschler comes to some unexpected conclusions about who experiences miracles—defined as “any experience in which a person believes an event or outcome was influenced by supernatural agents”:

For example,

➤ Well-educated and well-to-do people are just as likely to say they have experienced a miracle as poor and uneducated people—if they encounter an existential threat in life…

Yes, in a general way, religious beliefs and activities did correlate with a greater likelihood of reporting that one has experienced a miracle. But the sociology literature assumes that urbanization and other modern trends would reduce religious belief and acceptance of miracles. That wasn’t well supported. As he says in the paper, “greater cultural diversity as measured by urbanity was actually associated with higher odds of experiencing a miracle.”

News, “Common reasons for dismissing miracles are mistaken, study shows” at Mind Matters News

Use your sociology of religion textbook to prop the window open.

You may also wish to read: Why reasonable people think near-death experiences are real. Distinguished engineers Walter Bradley and Robert J.Marks sift through the evidence.

Educated and well-to-do people are just as likely to be part of the 57% who say they have experienced a miracle as poor and uneducated ones

Consciousness? https://youtu.be/3rVba72ihDQ jawa
More stuff about OOL: https://physicstoday.scitation.org/doi/full/10.1063/PT.3.4546 jawa
Breaking news: Dr Szostack might have to share the coveted Evo2.0 OOL $10M award with Dr Cronin. Oh, well. That’s ok anyway. $5M is better than nothing. :) jawa
Breaking news: Dr Cronin got closer to getting the coveted Evo2.0 OOL $10M prize!!! But he may have to share it with Dr Szostak though. :) https://youtu.be/gotHnrZKRVk jawa
@14: In the given video, at around minute 22, did the host say “by design” in reference to biological cellular things? Did anybody else watch that video? jawa
Given the loose definition used, "any experience in which a person believes an event or outcome was influenced by supernatural agents", surely almost all non-atheist people must "experience" miracles! For example, all Christians believe that God is sovereign and in ultimate control of their lives, hence "influenced by" at the very least. There are more useful definitions of what constitutes a miracle. Fasteddious
Here’s a proof that miracles are just illusions. https://youtu.be/QsbR6NeWsWA They simply don’t happen. Science has the answers to all fundamental questions of life. :) jawa
Truthfreedom, Yes, I see your point. jawa
Jawa According to atheists: 50+1 "interpersonal agreement" = "good". That is their "logic". 50+1 of what? Do not ask. (18+ years old H. sapiens?) According to them, morality is an statistical variable. But: at the same time, morality is an "illusion" (something evolution has made us "believe"). Although evolution has no mind and could not care less (logical impossibility) about "morality". (Or anything). Truthfreedom
Truthfreedom @6:
nazis “interpersonally agreeing” to exterminate jews= “bad”
Apparently Nazis believed that exterminating Jews was good. Hence, from their perspective what they “interpersonally agreed” upon was good. Actually it seems like Nazis believed that physically or mentally disabled people (even of their own Nazi ethnicity) were lower grade, hence weren’t worth living. When there’s no absolute objective moral standard, it’s all relative to a personal perspective. Even the concept of “good” or “bad” is relative if we’re left to just our own perspectives. in Russian language “horror show” is “good”. :) jawa
Truthfreedom @4: This one is a runner up for “quote of the day”: “Atheists: we do not believe in miracles (except when we do).” I like both @4 and @8 but if I had to choose just one I would keep @8. Just a matter of preference. :) jawa
Truthfreedom @8: “Atheist “poofery” is un-ending.” This is the quote of the day. Well said. jawa
Seversky Speaking of "POOF": -unconscious matter "creates" consciousness ( ex-nihilo). Atheist "poofery" is un-ending. Truthfreedom
More atheist "miracles": - chemical reactions are "lifeless" - except when they "create" "life" (not testable/ moyboy = millions of years- billions of years "officially" "approved"). Truthfreedom
Another atheist "miracle": - morals are "illusory" - but we "know" what is "good" for humanity (a.k.a. meaty-robotery) "Interpersonal agreement" = morality. But: nazis "interpersonally agreeing'' to exterminate jews= "bad" (although it has been mentioned that "interpersonal agreement" = "good"). Atheism and self-refutation: both sides of the same coin. Truthfreedom
Looks like it's either an OOPS or a POOF. Seversky
The Universe "creating" "itself" is another. Atheists: we do not believe in miracles (except when we do). Truthfreedom
Was OOL just another Oops? :) https://youtu.be/gotHnrZKRVk jawa
Is OOL just an Oops! https://youtu.be/o-fbarWY7RQ jawa
OOL comes to mind, doesn’t it? https://beyond.asu.edu/content/2020-beyond-annual-lecture-lee-cronin :) jawa

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