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Morphological Discontinuities Trouble Evolutionists

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NeoDarwinism expected a fine gradation of form from one species to the next but the distribution of morphologies is clumpy at virtually all scales. Appeals to gaps in the fossil record don’t solve the problem and now evolutionists are considering more complex explanations for how evolution could have produced such morphological discontinuities. They are also suggesting that the expectation of fine gradations between species may have been driven by Charles Lyell’s promotion of uniformitarianism in geology and by the desire to be physics-like. Darwin’s friend Thomas Huxley warned Darwin about his narrow focus on gradualism. As Douglas Erwinexplains:  Read more

Its Mr Lyells fault it is!!! Not Darwins scholarship or those since who embraced evolutionary biology. perhaps all early and modern evolutionists were pushed by a rejection of creationist ideas for biology and too quick grasped the first hope for non God/Genesis origins for biology. Too excited and didn't think it through. good ideas hardly ever sweep a upper class unless they already wanted it too be true. Robert Byers

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