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MSN Lies About the Oregon Shootings


In this story.  

Here is the headline:

Probe in college slayings peers into Web rants and possible religious rage

Here is the lede:

The gunman who cut a deadly path through a college campus appeared armed for an extended siege, a report said Friday, as investigators probed deeper into suspicions the shooter may have been driven by religious rage

Later in the story we learn that no one believes the shooter was motivated by religious rage.  Rather, he was motivated by anti-religious rage and singled out Christians for death.  MSN’s writers and editors are shameless, utterly shameless.



What doesn't MSN lie about? William J Murray
Yes, BA, a genuine martyr for his/her faith. They should rename the school after that student. Apparently, there are many schools in Germany named after the young White Rose martyr to the Nazis, Sophie Scholl. Axel
yes the media is run by people who believe and desire to influence public opinion. YES they would spin a case of anti-Christian "hate crime" murdering into a religious rage and so fault religion in general. The truth comes out. Indeed does this case show the agitation and attacks against christianity is making a culyure for violoence against christians. I say no. These are rare obscure cases of evil people and not a sample of anything. Likewise all things in society never kead to violence. YET they use this claim to silence any opposition, put strongly, against identities. In Canada we have a para legal court that wickly enforces human rights or rather the right not to be pointed out as wrong or bad. in short these cases must not be used to bring censorship or any control. This means you OBAMA with demanding the conferderaste flag be dropped etc. Robert Byers
Not to downplay the bravery of the Army Vet who was shot several times during the shooting yesterday, in fact he has my highest respect, but I think the bravest person at that college yesterday was the second person to admit to being a Christian after the first person to do so had just been murdered. Flyleaf - Cassie - Lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPL-jKz5Vuw bornagain77
Dean_from_Ohio, Speaking of Romans 1, I found this following speech from an academic, who was a homosexual and is now a Christian, interesting and enjoyable to listen to. In the lecture, she relates how, when she started taking Christianity a bit more seriously, how Romans 1 impacted her life personally. You may enjoy her story too.
Rosaria Butterfield: Repentance & Renewal (An academic, and former homosexual, honestly confronted Romans 1) - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBX8_vhu4Xw
MSN writers are obviously atheist hatemongers who secretly sympathise with the killer. Or they are closet believers who hate Christians and don't want the world to believe in Christianity. Some of us know how to read between the lines. The problem is, MSN is just a tiny cog in the fascist media/education machine that brainwashes the world with their incessant lies. Mapou

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