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Mud volcanoes are still all the news as birthplace for life

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From “Birthplace for Primitive Life On Earth? Researchers Identify Mud Volcanoes in Greenland as Niche for Early Life” (ScienceDaily, Oct. 25, 2011), we learn:

Serpentinite is a dark green mineral used in decoration and jewelry. In nature, it is formed when sea water infiltrates into Earth’s upper mantle, at depths that can reach 200 km in subduction zones. According to the scientists, this mineral, often found in the walls of hydrothermal sources, could play a major role in the appearance of the first biomolecules.

It has often been presumed that life developed near to hydrothermal sources known as black smokers(1), such as those found at the bottom of the oceans along mid-ocean ridges. The abundance of hydrogen, methane and ammonia produced by these underwater geysers seemed favorable to the emergence of primitive life. Unfortunately, these black smokers are very acid, which prevents amino-acid stabilization, and thus the formation of organic molecules.

Serpentenite :  They used to say, jewels do that to people.

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