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“My Failed Simulation” in Human Events


The best argument for Intelligent Design is to clearly state the opposing view, which is that physics explains all of chemistry (probably true), chemistry explains all of biology, biology explains intelligence, and intelligence explains computers, science textbooks and the Internet; ergo, physics explains computers, ergo, my little parable “My Failed Simulation”, which has now appeared at Human Events here . They re-titled it and added a subtitle that I don’t like, but otherwise I’ll take responsibility for the content.

I added the adjective “imaginary” to “friend” in the third paragraph to make sure no one took this parable too literally, but it looks like that may not have been sufficient, to judge by the first comment.

Whoop, I meant "second" intelligent and relevant comment of the day. Actually, it was the third, the one right after yours was great too, he said "Exactamundo. Everything SCheesman said." Granville Sewell
(hurt feelings) Hmm, so my preceding comment was either stupid or irrelevant? :) SCheesman
Yes, thanks magnan, that was the first intelligent and relevant comment of the day. Granville Sewell
I posted a response to Granville's article, at http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=25030&page=5&cp=1#hec129276 . I chose not to get into the ongoing debate over God's existence. magnan
If you have any comments, I would prefer you make them at Human Events, at the bottom of the article. Granville Sewell

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