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Natural or artificial? How to tell?


You gotta see the graphic. It’s astonishing:

“What’s good for something is tied to its nature … Nature is whatever a thing is supposed to be or become on its own,” Fr. Walshe says. “It’s important to distinguish a natural inclination from a conscious or emotional desire.”

Ruth Institute, “How to Tell When Something is Natural or Artificial” at The Stream (April 20, 2022)

How do we know the tree did not grow itself that way? Can someone come up with a concise explanation?

Unlike some of the commenters here, I've actually read Morse, heard her lectures, and talked with her personally. Her background is in economics, as is mine, so we hit it off pretty well. I particularly liked her argument that family structure & character formation are necessary for a flourishing economy, contrary to the usual libertarian stance. Hate I didn't hear. Except, of course, from those who wish to destroy the traditional family. They hate her bitterly for clearly exposing their toxic agenda. anthropic
So Classic Coke is good, but Diet Coke is an abomination…?
Relatively speaking, yes. ET
So Classic Coke is good, but Diet Coke is an abomination…? chuckdarwin
In its own words “Transgender is a political category. Invented for political purposes. It has nothing to do with either psychology or medicine. It is a political category. So you need to see that so you stop feeling sorry for these people.” –Jennifer Roback Morse, “Understanding gender ideology-the propaganda of the sexual revolution,” talk given at Teens4Truth conference, San Antonio, Texas, November 18, 2017 On “the transgender issue”: “It’s the next step in the Sexual Revolution. ‘Gay marriage’ was the big prize; it institutionalizes the idea that marriage has nothing to do with children. Once that was in place, the movement didn’t head towards polygamy, although the legal principle is in place. What has come next is gender ideology, the idea that the human body is getting in the way of human freedom. The idea of being a male or female is oppressive. It is the last step in deconstructing the human body and human life. It’s crazy and makes no sense.” –Jennifer Roback Morse, interview with the Catholic World Report, March 21, 2017 “If you hear something like ‘You guys just want to pray away the gay,’ you need to stop them right there, and say ‘we think people should pray, but what we think is that gay is a decision. Whether you identify you identify yourself as gay or straight is a decision.” –Jennifer Roback Morse, at the Vox Vitae camp for teens, July 21, 2017 “If you experience same sex attraction, you have choices beyond the Grand Narrative. Even if you have experienced same sex attraction all your life, so consistently that you think you must have been “born that way,” you still have choices about what to do, what to think, and how to describe yourself.” –Jennifer Roback Morse, “The Medical Risks of Homosexual and the Value Voters Summit,” The Stream, October 24, 2017 “Compared to children raised by their own biological parents, married to each other, children whose parents had a sex same relationship are at elevated risk for the following…emotional problems, pleading guilty to a non-minor offense, learning disabilities, having an affair while married or cohabitating, family of origin provided less safety and security, difficulty trusting others, identifying as something other than exclusively heterosexual…” –“Children and Same Sex Parenting,” Ruth Institute pamphlet, 2015 “It’s really important to be well informed about what the church actually says about homosexual practice….The church is very clear that same-sex sexual acts are intrinsically disordered and can never be morally acceptable.” –Jennifer Roback Morse on “Catholic Answers Live,” 2012
Seversky, you’ve hit rock bottom. Unable to comment on the issue, you splutter, “Hate group” and cite the demented wokes of the SPLC. Big contributor to them, are you? Stick to being trite, it’s your best plan. Belfast
Sev, SPLC is a radical cultural marxist organisation with a destructive misanthropic agenda. One of its tactics is to target anyone they do not like as hateful. As for their pretence not to understand that sexual anarchy and perversity is a form of lawless, anti civilisational behaviour, that speaks volumes. Meanwhile, please show us a nine sided hexagon, KF kairosfocus
The Southern Poverty Law Center is not currently a credible judge of individuals or organizations. Blastus
Seversky: Ruth Institute - SPLC DESIGNATED HATE GROUP No need to read on - Ruth Institute good! ronvanwegen
RUTH INSTITUTE The Ruth Institute (RI) is a Louisiana-based Catholic organization aimed at halting the “sexual revolution” – a catch-all concept that has become an axiom on the Christian Right and is used to describe an apparently conspiratorial project to undermine the “traditional” heterosexual family in the name of sexual freedom. SPLC DESIGNATED HATE GROUP Date Founded 2008 LocationLake Charles, Louisiana The group is largely a vehicle for spreading the Catholic right-wing Gospel of its founder, Jennifer Roback Morse, a former hardline libertarian and professor of economics at George Mason University, where she was mentored by fellow economist and Nobel Prize-winner James Buchanan, one of the influencers of the Koch networks. Roback Morse left the academy to pursue family life and, eventually, right-wing activism. The Ruth Institute was originally a project of the anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage (NOM), created to conduct youth outreach, and to warn young people about the dangers of divorce, sexual promiscuity, and, especially, to recruit them in the fight to block the legalization of gay marriage. During her career, Roback Morse has said that same-sex relations are “intrinsically disordered acts and can never be morally acceptable,” claimed transgender people suffer from a “psychological condition,” promoted the false linkage between homosexuality and sexual abuse, and claimed that children raised by same-sex parents are likely to experience a number of emotional problems later in life – all ideas she introduces to teenagers at lectures, on podcasts, and at the RI’s It Takes a Family Conferences.
There are some good resources in that post: The Ruth Institute, Life Site and Fr. Walshe. Excellent material. Silver Asiatic
FSCO/I, here with sculptural form. kairosfocus
That's a good challenge. We know it, but to give a concise explanation is difficult. It's not enough to say "the tree resembles an elephant" because it's a lot more than that. Silver Asiatic

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